Do you have a new driver in the house?

Does everyone go through the same thoughts about a new driver in their house?  My big one is now 16 and has a permit / temp / restricted license.  Before she drove, the streets seemed flatter and wider. When I am with her in the car, I portray a very calm exterior and slightly anxious interior view of the experience.  She is dedicated, cautious, and listens, but hey she is still 16.

I think back to when I started to drive and have these two vivid memories:

1. My dad having me go on a hill and start, stop, start, stop, over and over from bottom to top of the hill to practice driving a manual transmission (shift) on a hill.  He taught me tips that I never forgot and when I am on a steep incline with some crazy person right on my bumper, I still use the parking brake, rev the engine, and let off the brake method.

2. My first time driving on a trip on the highway. My dad thought it would be good for me to drive on the highway at night (we were on a 6 hour trip) because it would give me a lot of practice, and there wouldn’t be as much traffic.  He didn’t say then, but I wondered later if it was also because my mom and brothers would be asleep so less back seat driving advice.  The one thing I did not know, but learned quickly, was that when he says to “turn into the other lane”, he actually meant to turn the wheel slightly and veer into the other lane.  Lesson learned quickly and never forgotten when I turned the wheel as if making a left turn at a corner.  Easy for anyone to think I should have known that by common sense, but I am not afraid to say I did not.

Thanks Dad for the calm teachings that have served me well.  May my new driver remember her first experiences as fondly as I do.

Thanks to for her blog on a new driver that triggered me to write this.


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