What does a teen bring to the house?

There are so many things teen-agers bring into your life including parenting joy at their successes and parenting challenge at some of their choices.  The one thing I am still surprised at is the amount of NOISE they bring to the house.

Good noises – their love of music, their friends laughing at some silly teen-ager joke, and their yelling “hi mom, I’m home”; and the other types of noise – complaining about what you need them to do before they can go out, and the mumbling noise they make as they walk up the stairs where you can’t make out the words, but you know it wasn’t a good sentence.

The thing I am struck by lately is the quiet on week-end mornings when they don’t need to be anywhere and I just let them sleep.  It is good for them, they need rest and recuperation and my youngest one needs the growing time, and it is good for me as it provides me some time of quiet contemplation to sip my coffee, and think about the day ahead.  Soon one will pop down the stairs – the big one comes down with questions and plans and ready for the day, and the little one comes down slowly and sleepily and needing a slow start to the questions and plans for the day.

The moments of quiet prepare me for the moments of noise to come.  I try to enjoy both at the time that I get them for the absence of noise if these creatures were not in my house would be so different than the temporary quiet I am enjoying right now!


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