Did you have a long day?

Oh, today was such a loooooooong day.  It wasn’t really bad, or harder than usual, or more hours than any other day, but it sure felt like a long day.

I know people like variety and it’s great to have many things to think about, and interactions with different people, but there must be a limit where the brain goes on overload and it adds up to feel like a long day.

I started the day getting two kids off to school, and taking a conference call in the car before even getting to work.  Once there… meetings to make decisions, assigning new tasks to people on my team, two meetings with vendors to talk about the frustration and aggravation my team has when the vendor is not doing their job, a quick lunch at my desk (not my style and I know, yes I know I need to get out of the office for some fresh air and perspective but today it was not to be), an interview with a great candidate who will take some work and worry off my plate if he comes on board, a discussion about employee engagement, two meetings about technical issues that need to be solved, and two conversations about conflicts between teams that were oh, so unnecessary and left me wondering how we prevent the angst in the future.

Each meeting, each conversation, each interaction, and each decision felt good when they ended.  I think the amount of times my brain had to switch gears and the volume of information I ‘consumed’ led to the long day feeling.

On the way home, I connected with an old colleague who works at another company and gave him the 2 minute synopsis of my day.  I was able to release the feelings, and share the craziness of the day, and have a laugh and then let him give me some advice.  Always nice to talk to someone else who has been there, who cares, and who knows how to give short bursts of advice and not lectures!

I got home, connected to the family, had some chili (nice comfort food), and watched an episode of House that I’d taped.  Perfect end to the long day and now I will be ready for tomorrow!


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