Do you plan ahead for Thanksgiving?

It’s Thanksgiving week-end and we have just made plans today – Thursday – and our family dinner is on Sunday.  Every year we do this, and every year it works out, and yet we still think we should plan ahead.

So today I ponder why we think that.  Is it because it is more socially acceptable to plan ahead, is it because we will then not have to worry about all the things to do at the last minute, or something else?

I am starting to think that if we planned ahead we might fret more, over the menu, the people, the time of the meal, and how it will fit into everything else we have to do on the week-end.

So for this year, I will just enjoy the fact that we decided today to invite people for a great family meal and we will host them and feed them and love them.  And if they agreed to come, they must not be mad… so for this year, I will enjoy the peace and thanksgiving and family moments and not feel badly about the timing of the invitations.

And Monday when all is done, I’ll probably think we should plan ahead better next year.  And next year, we probably won’t.

Happy Thanksgiving to all people in Canada enjoying the holiday, the time to reflect, and the beautiful weather we are expecting this week-end.  May you thank your hosts and not judge them for how you got there, but enjoy the fact that you did.



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