Have you ever worn a tiara?

Yesterday was my birthday and I am no youngster, turning 48.  I am a suburban hockey / soccer mom with a corporate job and I guess, a certain fairly conservative image.

My mom, a bit more flamboyant than I, gave me a tiara for my birthday at breakfast and then promptly put it on my head.  I laughed, and said of course it was nice but I wouldn’t be wearing it out of the house.  When my mom asked why not and I had no solid reason for resisting, I decided to go along to make her happy.

We went for a family visit to the local pick-your-own working farm for the fall festivities including a wagon ride, pictures in the cut-out billboards, a walk through the corn maze, and a pumpkin cannon show.

I strolled around the farm with hundreds of people and received many comments from those around me.  They asked why I had the tiara, they saluted me and said “hello queen”, and children pointed and smiled or giggled.

I enjoyed every minute, and wondered why I ever thought of resisting.  It was my birthday, I reveled in the attention, and my mom was thrilled with her impact on my life from this small dollar store tiara that she thought I should wear.

Everyone should enjoy their birthday as much as I.  And when your mother tells you she has a good idea, an interesting gift for you, or a piece of advice, just listen.

Happy birthday to me.


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