Happy Thanksgiving!

Perfect holiday to reflect, enjoy family, and share wonderful food.  It doesn’t matter what type of food you cook and eat, it really is about doing it with people you love and care about.

We had our Thanksgiving dinner Sunday.  The sun was out, the house smelled terrific as the food cooked, and the conversation was light and fun.  We toasted health and happiness and enjoyed the dinner and dessert.  Our favorites include turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranbury sauce, broccoli, and pecan pie.

The biggest hit though, and maybe easiest thing to make, is the Pillsbury crescent rolls.  They are warm and tasty, and reserved in our house for special meals.  They often come to the table during the meal instead of at the beginning since we they can’t fit in the oven with the other foods, and we sometimes forget until someone asks “where are the rolls”?  This year they were done about 5 minutes after we sat down and delicious as always.

Today is a quiet day with leftovers and the company gone.  It’s delicious to host people and confirm how important they are in your life, and it’s also delightful to sleep in and savour the peace after all the hosting is done.

May you experience the joys of this season giving thanks.  May you also have people in your life to show you how special you are.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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