I need some motivation…

Man, oh man, it’s hard to do everything you need to do.

I am busy, and work hard, and try to balance – home and work, chores and fun, intellectual and physical.  The physical part is suffering right now.

I have been taking martial arts for three years and have achieved my blue belt with one stripe.  I seem to be stuck now – and haven’t been going to class regularly – and then I feel more stuck since I am not advancing.  It’s not that I am any more busy than I have been for the past three years so I know it is just a matter of making this a priority again.

Today I took this picture of my belt for inspiration, and decided to write this note of motivation to myself.  I have to believe if I say it, I’ll do it.  So, I am now saying that I will start back to class tomorrow and achieve my two classes this week and I will be off and running again with my training.  To anyone else who is having trouble being inspired, I pass on my thoughts to you too!


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2 Responses to I need some motivation…

  1. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    OK…Note to self: Careful what you say on this womans blog….she can literally kick your ASS!! 🙂

  2. I did it. Attended two classes this week, got out of my funk, and learned the beginning of a new form called “red one”. The crazy thing is the class is hard, I hear “bend your knees more” every week, and I still love every minute of it when I am there. For any women over 40 taking martial arts, all I can say is “go girl go”.

    Getting there is the hardest part.

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