Black tie, are you kidding me?

I was asked to go to a business dinner with two colleagues and two clients and I said yes.  It’s one of those fundraiser “dos” where your company buys a table of 10, and there is a silent auction to raise money for charity, and hopefully enjoy a nice dinner.  This one is where you take your spouse. (not typical for me and my husband to attend these, but I figured what the heck)

I got the tickets, didn’t look at them, and threw them on the counter when I got home.

My husband asks me Thursday if I knew it was a black tie affair.  I did not.  And I have NEVER gone to a black tie affair, don’t really know what to wear, and am VERY sure I do not have anything appropriate.

So tomorrow, instead of relaxing as planned and spending time doing all the things I don’t get to during the week, I will be out in the morning like a mad person looking for an outfit to wear to this dinner that is tomorrow night.

Please wish me luck, and remind me that I can survive this.


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