Laundry is my nemesis

What the heck is with laundry?  I have been doing it since I was about 11 years old and I am very good at it, but what a pain in my ass it is.

I often think about it when a) I have tons of laundry to do and don’t feel like it (like right now), b) I have just finished it and am happy to be done and yes, sort of feel proud of the

lovely piles of clean clothes (which I know is sort of sad), and c) when someone yells “where’s my favourite blank (filled in with shirt, shorts, tank top, etc.) as if the thing they

want should be clean at all times even if they left it balled up in a hockey bag/gym bag/closet.

I can get out any stain – I will admit I was always good at this, but with the internet now I am amazing at it because for some reason crazy people like to post tips on how to get out any stain you ever heard of and I am geeky enough to look.  I have gotten out stains for people, I have given them tips they used to accomplish it, and I have had opinions (usually kept in my head) for why people don’t get out stains when I see them walking around in public with said stain not removed.

For the record, I have been beaten by two stains and never found an answer anywhere:

1. yellow driveway chalk that toddlers use to draw pictures, then sit in and mush around on their shorts, often with water or bubble soap to help set it – I got out all the other colours, but the yellow is nasty so I threw the shorts away, I mean reputation of getting out all stains wouldn’t let me have the kid wear those shorts and at that age, they have 50 pair of shorts anyway

2. sweat stains on a teen-agers martial arts uniform – I have tried everything and keep those stains to a minimum level that can be worn without ridicule, but geez they are tough, and I refuse to resort to just bleaching them since the yellowing caused by this is worse (can’t wait till said teen gets to a black belt so the jacket will be black instead of white!)

I did learn (and pass the tip on to a man at work who really needed it since he was going to throw away his shirt) that you can get out that burn stain you get in the shape of an iron on a man’s dress shirt when you iron it yourself on a business trip.  Take 50/50 solution of vinegar and water, soak a white washcloth with this, them put it on the stain and iron again at high temp.  You’ll smell like vinegar if you don’t wash it afterwards, but you’ll look good.

I have gotten off the topic for sure…so will try to remember what was bugging me…oh yeah, the piles of laundry waiting for me, the lack of energy to do it, and mostly the lack of gratitude anyone has for the end result.

My husband does 99% of all cooking in our house and gets thanked for it many times a day, sometimes many times a meal.  Oh, that looks great (before we start eating), yum, this tastes great (during the meal), and wow, that dinner was so good (after the meal).

Does anyone put on their favourite shirt and say “thanks for having my shirt ready mom”, does anyone put on their white socks and say “thanks for getting the stains out after I walked on the wet grass with no shoes on”, or “thanks for the choice of all my jeans on Monday morning for school mom”?

Not in my house.  Sometimes….I have to admit…they do say thanks for getting that horrible mustard stain out of my shirt (big one works in fast food), or thanks for getting the mud out of my pants (little one still plays in mud, do boys ever stop that?).

But for the daily grind of just making sure clothes are clean, no thanks…not even sure they acknowledge too much that it takes work to get the clothes from the balled up version they leave in the hamper to the nice flat, folded, clean smelling piles waiting for them to put away.

My little one does say thanks if I put the dryer sheet on top of his pile so he can take a big whiff of it.  He likes the smell of those silly dryer sheets, and likes it even more that I know it and save the stupid thing for him.

Maybe that’s enough for now.


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4 Responses to Laundry is my nemesis

  1. oh boy, I don’t think that would work in my house but maybe I give them too much credit. I sure hope you get thanked for the cooking.

  2. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    Your husband does the cooking! Cool! I am the Mr. Mom of the household as well and I do NOT do stains. Anything with a stain that does not come out, conveniently goes missing and is never seen again. I blame the cats. So far, no one has wised up and caught on to me.

  3. Well, I will know who to come to when I get my next stain…lol Great post!

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