Every day is a new day

Thank goodness every day is a new day.  Some of the days are hard to get through without wanting to smack someone upside the head….or sorry, without actually smacking them upside the head, the ‘wanting to’ part is okay I am told as long as you don’t act on it.

I deal with crap all day at work, and I actually like it.  People say stupid things, they say things over and over (one of my biggest pet peeves), and they complain about stuff that doesn’t matter.  But I get up every day knowing I can change the world and I am up to the task.

Today 50 people on my team moved into new desks.  I did this for good reasons – they were spread out over different floors and two buildings, and there were empty desks in the area on my floor and I thought if we moved more people there I could walk past them when I headed to a meeting or lunch and I could talk to them…make them feel more a part of the team, give them the opportunity to work together more in person instead of on the phones, and on and on.  In other words, I gave it a lot of thought and wanted to do something that would be positive for the team.

This morning I came in and chatted with a few people, asked them how they liked their desks, and just checked out the new seating arrangement.  Things were going well, there was a lot of energy just like I had hoped, and then one manager walked up to me and said “did you notice these desks are different?”  I hadn’t noticed, and didn’t really care, but I asked “different good, or different bad?” to keep up my side of the conversation.  He then told me they were different bad because the two desks in question had less space for the chair to move around because both sides of the desk were curved instead of one side straight like the other desks. (Yes, people in the corporate world really think about and say these things to senior executives.)

I said to him “don’t you think the people who sit there might see it as different good because they have more desk space and can put more things on the desk, and when they wheel the chair around, they have desk space everywhere they turn?”

He said “I never thought of it that way”.

No shit. (I said inside my head.)

I bet he can find something wrong in everything he sees.  So my plan of moving people closer to me so I can get to know them better is also working.  Bet he won’t show me that he is a great problem solver, or a great leader of people.  What do you think?


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2 Responses to Every day is a new day

  1. You left a comment on my blog earlier…so I hopped over to see yours. This is why you’re in the position you’re in, and people like that guy are in the position they are in! I’m currently a SAHM but have gone back to the corporate world a few times in between having kids. Prior to kids I held management roles. In my opinion people who become senior leaders – aside from being intelligent – can view things from a different perspective…and can make logical decisions. It always amazed me at work, how so many people cannot do those two things.

    Anyhow, rant over. I liked your post! I hope you have a few logical decision-makers in amongst your 500!

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