What makes a good day?

What simple pleasures make a good day for you?  Not the ultimate vacation, or the day your baby was born, just plain old normal days that feel great…here’s a look at mine today.

1. finding hot coffee my husband put on before driving kids to school

2. my son saying “mom, can I tell you something” and then telling me something really important to him

3. having a meeting cancelled at the last-minute and getting an unexpected free hour

4. attending a meeting where everyone is prepared, we have good discussions, and make decisions that matter

5. my daughter doing the “no homework dance” with a big smile

6. light traffic on the way home 

7. my husband picking up a kid that I was supposed to pick up (from any activity) to give me a break

8. a few minutes of quiet time alone  

9. learning something new

10. someone making a comment I find so funny I can’t hold in the laugh  


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5 Responses to What makes a good day?

  1. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    Yeah….it’s ok I guess….now…if you could post a picture of the guy….then it might come across a lot funnier in print….just a suggestion… Have a good night WTF! I mean WTM! or Gord….

  2. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    Still mulling over the name choice I see…. I know…it’s a toughie…. Gord is a damn fine name….

  3. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    So what was the comment???? Or is it not printable? Great list by the way!

    I have decided to shorten your nickname to just WTM! If you do not like that name, I will give you a Canadian name, plucked at random out of my hat,……(drumroll)…..so, it looks like you can either be WTM or Gord……which will it be? What? Well…I never said the names were strictly female names!…..Gord is a good name…. there are lots of Mounties named Gord I’m sure!….plus….look at GORDie HOWE! You would be honored to share most of name with him eh? 🙂

    • oh, i do like Gord…but don’t want Gordie Howe to feel slighted if people start looking for me when someone yells GORD in a crowded room….WTM is great cuz it will make people think WTF if they are reading quickly and then i’ll sound like someone that creates extreme reactions!

      as for the comment, probably won’t work if i repeat it cuz it was one of those ‘in context, only works for a techie geek who is living on too little sleep’ moments. you know how someone just catches you off guard and you hope your coffee doesn’t spurt out your nose? …but here goes.. i’m telling someone a story about a guy who is pissing me off and going on and on about all the things he does that make him incompetent, and my friend says “I’ll call him spitboy cuz every time you see him, you want to spit on him.”

      is it funny if you don’t know the guy?

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