10 reasons I am mad at Fall

I like to be positive, and I am an eternal optimist even when crap is bugging me so this list will be out of character but today Fall is pissing me off.

10 Reasons I am mad at Fall

1.  i can’t drink coffee on my deck in the morning

2.  had to take my husband’s car today and he parks outside (while my car is nicely tucked into the garage) and there was frost on the windows and I had to wait while he scraped them and I was already running late (I know, I could see the good part that he scraped the windows for me but that is why I am thankful for him, and I’m still mad at Fall)

3.  the sun is shining and looks beautiful, but it sits lower in the sky when i am driving to work than it does in summer and it was in my eye and irritating (sunglasses were in my car sitting in the garage)

4.  it’s cold and i hate to wear a coat so i don’t and then i am cold (i like to buy coats and i have many of them, but i hate to wear them in the car so i don’t take one to work until it’s really cold and by then i will be mad at Winter)

5.  my pool is closed and i can’t swim

6. my pool is closed and it looks sad and ugly

7.  we have the fire on in the evening and it is nice, and then i go upstairs to bed and it is cold and then i am mad we had the fire on so what is the best choice?

8.  the floor tiles are freezing when i get out of the shower (and yes, i have a bathmat by the shower, but i still have to walk on the tiles at some point)

9.  my hair gets dry and staticky (i looked it up and that is a word) and hey, it doesn’t look fabulous on the best, moist, summer day so do i really need this?

10.  people in my house talk to people outside with the door open, and i try to be nice, but then i am cold and have to yell “CLOSE THE DOOR” and then all the neighbours think i am mean (okay, probably not, but i hate to have to yell close the door when normal people should know to come in or go out without being told)

I will try to think of 10 things I like about Fall for another day, but right now I’m not seeing it.


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4 Responses to 10 reasons I am mad at Fall

  1. Don’t forget the return of Standard Time. I hate Daylight Saving Time..lol

  2. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    GORD – as I remember that day at DFW, I had to tell you 12 times that D-38 comes AFTER D-37! You kept saying….”Not in Ontario it don’t fella eh?”….and I kept trying to point you in the right direction….but you kept trying to cross-check and poke-check me up against the crease of my podium!

    • oh boy, you must think you are a hockey player now with all the jargon…after my son playing for 7 years, i finally looked up all the penalty terms last month so i could yell at the refs like all the other hockey moms!

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