What a day, what a day…

Oh my….I made it through…

  • up at 5:30 am and I am NOT a morning person Earth with Rising Sun Royalty Free Stock Photo

  • reviewed two documents, approved them and assigned work to 5 people who I was behind in assigning, I’m sure they were happy to get new work at 6:00 am
  • quick breakfast, shower, wake up kids and husband
  • drying my hair, yell at kids and husband
  • dressed and make-up, now i look human, bang the walls in each room as no one is up yet
  • downstairs, pack up, ready to go…everyone is now up, kisses and wish them all a great day
  • 7:30 am – no coffee for the road, what was i thinking since i got up?

  • heading to office #2 for the morning, had to use my GPS because i can not figure out how to get to this building even though i have been there 15 times
  • called one of my team members on the drive, had a resignation yesterday and need to fill the role quickly
  • there’s coffee in the meeting room, yeah!
  • meeting with 20 people, interested for most of it but the preamble at the beginning was long and the coffee cup is small
  • done…talked to two people, decided we have someone to fill the role who was planned for a different role, need to work out the details but all will be well, worry about the other role that needs filled next, one crisis at a time
  • heading back to main office for a lunch meeting, this will mean half a sandwich and a water and a lot of conversation
  • have to stop for gas, and i hate to stop for gas….oh well, used the GPS to find the right station since my husband has a thing for me using one type of gas (crazy, I know, but it’s an easy thing to give in on)

  • meeting was good, my team presented to my boss and they were on their game, the Q&A was helpful and we ended on time
  • 20 minutes of free time…imagine that…found one of the small ‘telephone booth’ rooms, sat and thought for 15 minutes, nice
  • back out to office #2 for another meeting, 10 of the people are the same as the first one
  • more coffee in the room, a little macaroon, and some berries – welcome surprise
  • meeting is over at 4:20…thinking i can get on the road and do the 5:00 meeting from home….nope
  • someone caught me, can we just talk for a few minutes? 
  • this means i won’t make it home, have to finish the conversation and then get on the 5:00 call from the office
  • finish the conversation and the 5:00 call, took on 3 more ‘action items’, when the @#$% will i get to those?
  • just one more person to see   
  • met that person, solved 2 small problems and had a few laughs about the insane schedules we have these days
  • jumped in the car, don’t have to stop for gas (so glad i didn’t put it off during the trip at 11:00)
  • stopped for coffee for the drive home, friend called and i offered to get her a tea for her trip but we weren’t sure where to hook up for me to hand it to her, crazy!
  • figured it out, she stopped on side of the road, i pulled up and jumped out, handed her the large tea and back in my car

  • one happy friend, one long day over, many decisions made, and ready for the family

Wonder what my Friday has in store for me?


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4 Responses to What a day, what a day…

  1. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    Somehow, I think Al Gore will try to take credit for that as well….

  2. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    I got exhausted just reading this! You must be like the Canadian Equivalent of the Energizer Bunny! Sure hope you have a somewhat stress-free Friday! 🙂 See ya Gord!

    • the energy is fading…it’s almost 1am and i am still at it, took a break from reading, reviewing, approving, and declining requests sitting in my (work) inbox…one more document to edit tonight and the other 5,600 emails can wait for another day…who thought of this email technology anyway?

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