Who likes brownies?

I got home from work, and there were two teenagers in my front hall.  One belonged to me.

The door opened, two more teenagers flew in, one out of breath and the other flushed in the face.  Before I could ask why everyone was there, the bell rang, door opened wide and a 5th kid walked in.

Shoes were tossed from feet, big kids tumbling down my hall, and lots of chatter in a tone that is only understood by teenagers.  Sort of mumbling, sort of half sentences, a laugh, a shove, and they are all in the kitchen.

My big one (girl) passes out brownies to each kid (all boys, all big), and smiles appear.

As I start to ask how they knew there were brownies warm from the oven, I realized my big one had texted to the neighbourhood the brownies were ready.

As quickly as they appeared they were gone (the brownies and the kids).  Life for 16-year-old boys who have a friend who bakes and shares is truly wonderful.


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4 Responses to Who likes brownies?

  1. sweetman says:

    This brings back such great memories of my older son (he’s 24 now) when it seemed like his friends grew overnight and I walked into my kitchen feeling like I had shrunk to midget-sized if they were gathered there. I’d occasionally make brownies or cookies that would last about 4 seconds after I got them out of the oven. Nice post.

    • Oh, good to hear your memories too. It’s tough when all the kids start to loom over top of us moms after we are used to holding them in our arms and carrying them on our backs. How is that 24 year old now? Bet he’d love some home baked cookies.

  2. Ollin says:

    lol. I was just dropping by different blog’s this morning, and I found this post. I thought it was very cute. It’s was a nice vignette where a whole story could come out it. Anyways, made me smile, and I’m not sure why. But isn’t that the best kind of writing? 🙂

    • Glad to hear it made you smile. That’s how I felt as it unfolded. Just one of those small moments in life that can pass without you noticing, or you can take it in and enjoy. I keep trying to catch myself and store these memories as my kids pull away little by little every day.

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