Will I get my zebra stripe?

Okay, not a zebra strip but a martial arts stripe.

I have a blue belt with one stripe…and you need four stripes before you test for the next belt when you are a blue belt.  When you start as a white belt, you can earn a stripe in a few weeks if you attend class and practice and learn.  Now at blue belt, it takes several months to get each stripe.  I got ‘stuck’ at my first stripe for a bit longer since I had appendicitis and took 5 weeks off, and then had business trips and took another 2 weeks off.

Friday I was tested on some of the moves including break falls.  I typically struggle with the break falls because I get too logical and start to wonder why I would willingly throw my body onto the floor in any of the three moves we have to do:

  1. front breakfall rolling diagonally across the body so the spine doesn’t hit
  2. back breakfall ensuring the head doesn’t touch and finishing in a standing position
  3. forward fall, landing on forearms and head turned sideways to protect your teeth (think falling off a ledge and landing flat on the ground without being hurt)

But Friday, I was caught off guard, called out of line, and told to do my breakfalls.  I tucked my head, did each one, and had no problem.  I did them so well, my instructor asked when I had mastered my nemisis.  I realized the more I think of them, the scarier they are and this time I had no time to think, just do what I’d learned and practiced.

Tomorrow, I will perform the final part of the test that includes 3 forms.  Each form has 20-40 moves including different positions, kicks, blocks, punches, and turns with footwork.  I am confident of one form, 90% on the second, and 10% on the third.  This means somehow tomorrow, with 7 meetings to attend, I need to fit in some time to practice before my class.  I’m thinking I could stand up in each meeting and maybe at lunch, and practice each form a few times.  This would accomplish a few things:

  • I’d be more prepared for my test
  • I’d give everyone a diversion from the serious corporate agendas they are discussing
  • It could make people think I need time off work, and then I could even take time off
  • I could get people interested in martial arts

Think of me tomorrow, and hope I pass my test without being called a lunatic for practicing at work, or kicking someone by accident as I do a jumping spinning crescent kick.  Wonder what that will look like in my heels?


Here’s to the celebration if I pass…. 


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4 Responses to Will I get my zebra stripe?

  1. LOL..The Elaine dance..lol..Well, I was going to commend you on the whole martial arts thing.I think that is awesome! You will do great!

  2. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    As long as you do not look like Elaine dancing on Seinfeld when you kick, you will be fine. I have to keep reminding myself when commenting on here that I am dealing with a High Powered Corporate Bigwig…who in all likelihood, could snap me like a twig with a blindingly fast Ninja move, accomplished with just one hand, while not even spilling her Tim Horton’s with the other…………… pretty intimidating actually. You will do fine Ninja Master…..you will do fine…… 🙂 (Please don’t hurt me…I bruise easily)

    • oh, the images of this…knocking you to the ground, sipping my coffee (I do love the Tim Hortons), and holding my other fist up in triumph…good thing we are friends!

      I just might look as bad as Elaine when I am doing some of the moves, but really it’s the results that matter right? toughen up, guy an stop bruising so much.

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