Do you know The Riddle?

Crazy day, crazy people.

I could write this post about the lunacy of this day, and the people who talk too much, and how I am forever astonished that men can act like 12-year-old boys.  Making up facts, bravado, stupid comments, laughing at their own jokes, and general jerk-ness.  But it wouldn’t be interesting because men would not get it, and women would say “no shit, what’s new”?

So instead, I’ll reflect on two cool things that happened today.

I decided to blow off one meeting this morning…I didn’t think I needed to be there, others could cover, I was not interested, and I didn’t have enough sleep to start that early since I kept waking up dreaming of the martial arts moves I needed for my test tonight. So this meant I was home with my little one as he was getting ready for school.  He plays his music loudly like most 14-year-olds when he is getting ready and yells out from the bathroom (where his skullcandy speaker is better quality than what we had in full size room speakers when we were young) – Hey mom, listen, our song is on!

The song – The Riddle, by Five for Fighting – was playing on his ipod and we both started belting out the lyrics.  I’m not a bad singer, but don’t worry, I’m not trying out for any reality show contest.  He is a better singer than I, and practicing with a vocal coach at school (again, not for a career but for enjoyment) so we make a decent duet sound for an early morning in the house with no one listening.

It all started one day when he first heard the song and thought I would like it.  He took one earbud out and put it in my ear, and then played the song over and over while we both learned all the words.  Since that day about 2 years ago, it has been “our song” and he plays it for me from time to time and we sing it together out loud.  Sometimes as he is laying in bed, he’ll call me in and sometimes when he is getting ready for school.  There is no pattern, but I sure appreciated it today as a little moment of joy before heading off to meet all the challenges (and childish behaviour) of the day.

..added a post with the song and lyrics for you to enjoy…

Tonight as I prepared for my martial arts class and was convincing myself to ask for my test to be delayed to Friday night, my big one came into the kitchen and said “okay, let’s practice so you’ll be ready”.  I began my story about not being ready, needing to be confident, afraid of failing and she looked me in the eye and said “you’re ready, you just need to go for it and stop thinking so hard”.  She methodically reviewed the forms with me several times and told me to practice by myself since I’d have to do it alone in class.

I got to class, and fretted for the first 45 minutes.  When he called my name, and started my test, I knew I needed to give it my all.  I worked hard, did every move, and took the criticism when I froze two times and couldn’t remember the next step.  I kicked, punched, turned, blocked, and completed the forms.  When I was done, my knees were like jello and I was a soggy puddle…and I passed.  Blue belt, second stripe.  I passed!  I did it because I worked hard, trained, and worried, and had a daughter who believed in me.

Two cool things that happened today.  That’s what life’s about.


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19 Responses to Do you know The Riddle?

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  2. Congrats! 🙂 I once drove by people taking a martial arts class. Really wore me out. I bet your daughter was so proud of you.

    • Thanks Jumping. I am laughing at your comment of being worn out! My daughter was proud…and so was I. I’m sure you could do it, but you probably get enough physical challenge in the classroom.

  3. your story, loved it and then read your blog title, only to realize you were a mom instead of a dad. Awesome!

  4. Ollin says:

    Yay! Blue belt! I have no belt. lol. Martial arts was always intimidating to me. Go you for doing it!

    • Thanks Ollin. It is still intimidating for me after 3 years training, but I do keep going and learning. There are teen-agers in my class and they make everything look so simple…but it is not for older students who aren’t as flexible!

  5. yellowcat says:

    Good job on the stripe! I’ve never tried any sort of martial arts, but I think I would like it. Also, I would like to be able to kill someone with my bare hands. Hehe.

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  7. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    Gord – I won’t even try to minimize your accomplishment by leaving a goofy comment. WELL DONE!! Congrats!!

    – Mock

  8. Zahara says:

    Congratulations. I’m inspired. Martial arts and singing, wonderful, cathartic practices.
    I especially appreciate your “cool kid moments”, they are precious.

  9. Thanks Expressmom. They SHOULD give you a belt for going once since it takes a lot of guts just to try it out. I remember when I started and I couldn’t do ONE push-up. I was so scared I almost didn’t show up.

    Love your blog, added you to my blogroll. 🙂

  10. huffygirl says:

    Expressmom is right about the belt – I went once too and I didn’t get one either. Sounds like you’re a strong, tough woman!

  11. Expressmom says:

    CONGRATS on the blue belt! I once went to a karate class. Once. You don’t get a belt if you go once.

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