The Riddle – lyrics and video

I am convinced you can’t listen to this tune without smiling…go ahead and sing along!  See how this song was introduced to me…

Lyrics to The Riddle :
There was a man back in ’95
Whose heart ran out of summers
But before he died, I asked him

Wait, what’s the sense in life
Come over me, Come over me

He said,

Son why you got to sing that tune
Catch a Dylan song or some eclipse of the moon
Let an angel swing and make you swoon
Then you will see… You will see

Then he said,

Here’s a riddle for you
Find the Answer
There’s a reason for the world
You and I…

Picked up my kid from school today

Did you learn anything cause in the world today
You can’t live in a castle far away
Now talk to me, come talk to me

He said,

Dad I’m big but we’re smaller than small
In the scheme of things, well we’re nothing at all
Still every mother’s child sings a lonely song
So play with me, come play with me

And Hey Dad
Here’s a riddle for you
Find the Answer
There’s a reason for the world
You and I…

I said,

Son for all I’ve told you
When you get right down to the
Reason for the world…
Who am I?

There are secrets that we still have left to find
There have been mysteries from the beginning of time
There are answers we’re not wise enough to see

He said… You looking for a clue I Love You free…

The batter swings and the summer flies
As I look into my angel’s eyes
A song plays on while the moon is hiding over me
Something comes over me

I guess we’re big and I guess we’re small
If you think about it man you know we got it all
Cause we’re all we got on this bouncing ball
And I love you free
I love you freely

Here’s a riddle for you
Find the Answer
There’s a reason for the world
You and I…


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3 Responses to The Riddle – lyrics and video

  1. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    What a great song! Guess I should turn off the disco occasionally to find songs like this.
    Now…where’s that box of kleenex? Did you hide them Gord? who is cutting onions in here!!?????

    • Hi idiot…glad you liked it. Sorry about the onions, I will bake something sweet to counteract it and hand you the kleenex too. I love a good disco song as well as these touching, family stories.

      Gord. (still relaxing, but the day is quickly coming to an end)

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