Rain, rain, you’re killing me…

Long day at work and I start to head home.  In the car, hit the highway and hope traffic will be light because it is so freaking’ late and I have worked way too many hours.

1 minute on the highway and I can tell it is a bad night for driving.  The rain is pelting my car, the semi trucks are slamming me with twinkling lights that make it hard to see and water gushing from every wheel and every corner of the truck.

I keep my focus, driving and cursing, and try to be kind to my 300,000 friends who are also on the road tonight.  Traffic is crawling, it’s creepy outside, and I am now wondering if I will make it to pick up my daughter at 8:30…you’d think that would be an achievable target after a normal day of work.

The traffic signs don’t even have the ability to describe the conditions tonight – the normal text says “traffic moving slowly”, “traffic very slow”, “road closed”, and I’ve heard there is one that says “traffic moving well” but I swear it’s never on that message when I’ve been on the road.  Tonight they don’t even have the heart to provide a message because it would need to say something like “give up and take a nap, driving isn’t getting you anywhere tonight”.

I resign myself to the long slow drive, and listen to some tunes.  As I’m starting to get into the zone (anyone who commutes a lot knows what I mean, you accept you can’t do anything and you’ll be on this road for the rest of your life), I look down and notice my fuel light is wickedly smiling at me…so now I realize I will get to make a stop for gas in this weather too.

Stop at my daughter’s work, get out with my strategically placed umbrella and hit the button to pop it up.  The wind pushes on me and my umbrella so it doesn’t open so now I am standing outside in torrential rain with no umbrella and I’m soaking wet.  Very nice, very nice… argh
Get the kid, and now I’m off again.  Remembering the gas tank is empty, I stop to fill up and find two great things waiting for me…
  1. prices have jumped considerably since the last time I filled up a few days ago
  2. the wind is blowing just right to ensure I am completely soaked as it cascades horizontally
Complete the task, back in the car, and put the heat on full blast.  I am now completely drenched, freezing, tired, and ready to be home.

10 minutes later I am in the house, dumped the wet clothes, and into my dry warm comfy jammies.  Safe and sound, day is done, and I feel lucky.


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16 Responses to Rain, rain, you’re killing me…

  1. Jammies…nothing better on a cold night 🙂

  2. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    OK – I am having withdrawals from my Gord Philosophy….put down the ninja sticks for a few minutes and blog something….. – Mock

  3. yellowcat says:

    Isn’t winter fun? I have nights like that except it’s snow.

  4. Addy says:

    Ugh.. I don’t mind getting wet in the rain, but the thought of “responsibilities” at the back of my head always makes me want to avoid it! Liked your post..

    Best Wishes,

    • Hi Addy. I hear you…maybe if we could just get wet in the rain and then take our wet clothes off and throw them on the floor for someone else to pick up, and then move on to the next thing, I’m sure we could enjoy it more!

  5. what a wonderful day 😉 I wonder why we adults can’t take it as it comes. I’m sure your daughter’s reactions were completely different…do tell:-)

    I remember one nasty spell of rain which brought the city to a standstill. I ditched my car, got my girlfriend to ditch her car, walked a mile to home, picked my bike and then dropped her at home. But I loved that day. Why? Everyone else was stuck and didn’t want to ditch their cars. I felt free (and over-smart)

    Later in the night, I picked up both cars (a mile from my house). Sometimes you just have to let go and receive each new screw-up-of-the-day with a laugh, kinda like daring the gods to throw more things at you.

    I made sure to turn the worst ever traffic jam into something fun 🙂

    Good story. Thanks!!

    p.s – Thanks for the comments on my blog

    • Hi Keshav – thanks for dropping by.

      I appreciate the different perspective. I’ll think of that next time I am in a downpour and find a way to make an adventure of it.

      My daughter had a good laugh at my expense as I was pumping the gas…and then thanked me for not making her do it. 🙂

  6. Oh Working Tech Mom, the weather can sometimes put a damper on our feelings or moods. It is a tricky sort that we have absolutely no control of as you found. I am sorry the rain made your day so tricky! 🙂 Today will be better I am sure!!


    • Hi CatMan…thanks for the good thoughts. The worked as today was sunny and dry, and my traffic home was so light I just flew from work to home.

      Off to martial arts to get my ass kicked!

  7. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    Gord – I sure you curled up in front of the fire with a warm drink…..and some soothing Disco music….. Glad you made it home safe 🙂

  8. Thanks Zahara. I try to reflect how lucky I am after a day like that to have family at home who want to see me and climb on me and lean on me and talk at me. Makes all the craziness fade away.

  9. Zahara says:

    Wow, what a journey. Glad you made it home safe.

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