Today was a great (sick) day

Do you have great sick days?  I know I had a few terrible sick days this week…too much to do, couldn’t stay in bed, fever getting me down, and everyone asking “why don’t you just stay home?”.

Well, today that all changed.  I knew if I could make it to Saturday life would be good.  10 things that make a great sick day:

  1. wearing jammies – good any day, fantastic on a sick day
  2. not doing hair or make-up and having an excuse why I look so bad
  3. being able to let go of all chores and responsibilities – can’t always be done when you are sick, so when you can, it is heaven
  4. throwing your tissues on the floor – I know it’s gross, but when you are so sick you are blowing a lot, it feels right…as long as you know you have to pick them up once it starts feeling wrong, that’s when you know you are on the mend
  5. getting to sleep when and where you want – sometimes I move from spare room bed to my own bed to couch to bed, and on and on – today I decided I just wanted my bed, with my favourite pillow, my silk comforter, and an extra blanket to throw off when I got too hot
  6. people waiting on you – in my house, some sick days people wait on me and other sick days they don’t, it’s not always relative to the level of sickness so I haven’t really figured out why they do or don’t, but today was a day everyone did…I had tea, fresh water glasses, root beer, chicken soup and saltine crackers, chicken strips, and caramel popcorn – all without asking…heaven (the caramel popcorn was a bit rough on the scratchy throat, but I didn’t want to offend anyone so I went ahead and ate it)
  7. a quiet house – my house is almost always noisy, kids, music, t.v.’s, people talking, laughing, yelling, water running, vacuum cleaner (okay, that is a good noise), and teen-age neighbours walking in and out – it’s a nice noisy most days, but when I am sick, it’s overwhelming…tonight everyone is out working, playing at friends, a sweet 16 birthday party, watching a fight/hockey/something (I didn’t listen well enough), and there’s no noise in my house and I don’t have to pick anyone up
  8. NyQuil Cold & Flu Relief LiquiCapsmedicine – oh sweet Nyquil, my new best friend, two fabulous caplets of bliss gave me 5 hours of sleep this afternoon where a jack hammer could have taken off the side of my house and I would not have noticed or cared (I could do a commercial for them any time they want)
  9. sick enough to stay in bed, on the mend enough to know this won’t last forever (this feeling usually kicks in about day 2 or 3 for me, this week it took until the 6th day…that’s how I know this bug was kicking my ass and not giving up)
  10. good friends who check on you and send wishes for feeling better – thanks to all my blog friends for the caring and humorous comments

The best sick day is usually followed by the “are you still sick, really?” day in my family.  This means I have worn out the sympathy of those around me and I better start getting back to a normal routine.  Based on the 20 hours of sleep I’ve had and the enjoyment of the last two hours of peace and quiet, I think I’ll be ready for the world again tomorrow.



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16 Responses to Today was a great (sick) day

  1. Catherine says:

    Your sick days almost sound heavenly. But damn I do enjoy a good sick day 🙂

  2. This post makes me want to get all comfy in fresh sheets and flannel jammies
    ahhhhhhh xxx get better soon!

    • Hi tourist…you know it. The comfy fresh sheets and jammies are much better enjoyed when not sick. I am feeling much better and the kids know it because I called out the chores not done (that I did not care about the last few days). 🙂

  3. Hi idiot…I can just imagine the wailing sounds and the complaining you would do. I am sending best wishes your way so you don’t get sick and torture your family!

  4. Zahara says:

    Glad you’re on the mend…what a week you’ve had. Throwing tissues on the floor is a sure sign that you’re down for the count.

    • Hi Zahara – the tissues are picked up, the water glasses all sent to the dishwasher, the thermometer back in it’s place, and I am headed for the shower. I am sure I’ve rounded the corner finally. I promise to have a lot more sympathy for anyone this week who tells me they are coming down with something.

  5. yellowcat says:

    Those are all good things about sick days, but the best sick days are when you can actually skip work and think about other doing your work for you.

    • Unfortunately, my job is the type that waits for me…so most things I don’t get done on a sick day I can look forward to doing on top of the new work. The week-end of no responsibility has done me good though, except for getting hooked on some very bad t.v. shows.

  6. Your refreshing honesty has given me the courage to raise my hand and admit, yes, I throw my tissues on the floor, too. Fresh water glasses…a must. And don’t forget turning the pillow around to the cool side.

    Glad you are on the mend.

  7. My God! I’m lucky if my selfish brood brings me some crackers and a glass of water! All that was missing from your tropical island paradise was some buff shirtless dudes fanning you and feeding you grapes while you lounged in bed and enjoyed your day off! 🙂 Hope you are feeling better Gord! Get well soon!

    • Hmmm…just wondering…I do express extreme appreciation, gushing on the person who does wait on me…could it be that you miss that part when someone in your brood brings you something?

      • TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

        Trust me…I only get the crackers and water AFTER hours of begging and sobbing….it is more of a gesture of desparation on their part so that they can hear the TV without me wailing in the background….. 🙂

  8. Thanks huffy girl. I did have 5 crappy days before this blessed one so I was sharing your misery (did you send me those germs just because I didn’t wash my hands enough?)

    I didn’t get to eat any popsicles and Rice Chex. What’s with that?

  9. huffygirl says:

    Sounds like your sick day turned out better than mine. Hope you feel better soon.

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