Have you been in an airport lately?

I travel quite a bit for work, but air travel with the family is a different thing altogether.  Two days, two completely different experiences this week…

Day 1 – travel to my parents’ for Thanksgiving dinner

  • up early to be at airport 3 hours prior to flight
  • no breakfast, everyone sleepy, but got out of the house with no arguments…this is a first for our family!
  • check-in went well and customs line not too bad
  • security check…going well until daughter gets selected for random baggage check, they find a pair of scissors and confiscate them (yes, we tell the kids every time to check for anything in the bag that will be taken but it doesn’t work, we’ve had scissors taken a few times, a pocket knife, and a kitchen fork)
  • at the gate, time for muffins and coffee…good so far
  • oh, now the plane is delayed…not because the plane is not available or mechanical issue but because there are new security processes in place and the pilot and flight crew must “de-plane” and go through Canadian customs and then back through US customs before they can fly back where they came from – I guess there is a threat that they passed through security on the way here and then opened the windows in the plane and picked up a few dangerous items on the way …?
  • delay that was supposed to be 15 minutes is now another 30 minutes
  • delay that was 45 minutes total is now another 20 minutes
  • starting to lose my mind as I contemplate missing our connection – laid down on the chairs, ipod on – husband comes to check on me…

husband – are you okay?

me – I don’t want to talk

husband – is there anything I can do?

me – I’m irritated, leave me alone

husband – there’s nothing we can do about the plane, but I can get you a snack if it will make you feel better

me – I’m irritated at the situation, but if you keep talking, I will be irritated at you

husband – okay, enjoy your music…(running away)

  • delay that was xx minutes (I lost count) is now another 20 minutes
  • we finally board – 2 hours late – so this means 2 things…

1. we got up 7 hours ago to make sure we were ready, at the airport, and through customs in time for the flight

2. the time we had before our connecting flight that would have allowed a nice leisurely lunch in Atlanta’s airport is now gone as we spent all that time in ongoing 20 minutes delays (with no ability to leave the gate and eat)

  • arrive in Atlanta – gate is furthest away from any food possible
  • we did have time to grab some food and make it to the gate, but it was not the calm time planned to eat in an actual restaurant
  • next flight is a short hop to Columbia, SC and this one is easy
  • arrive on time
  • walk out of the security area and are greeted by 11 family members – very nice!
  • total travel time – 12.5 hours

Day 2 – travel back home

  • up, packed, head to airport
  • checked in, through security, at the gate – 20 minutes
  • time for coffee and relaxing
  • flight leaves on time and arrives on time
  • back in Atlanta, changing gates, and wait for 30 minutes
  • second flight leaves on time and arrives 10 minutes early
  • through customs in 10 minutes
  • luggage on carousel before we get to it
  • out of the airport, get the car, and onto the highway
  • traffic is light and we are home
  • total travel time – 7 hours

Same flight path, same airline, crazy to see that one day is painful and the other is a breeze.  Glad to be home…safe and sound, no fighting, and time to rest up before the week ahead.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.  Now, time to start planning for Christmas!


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12 Responses to Have you been in an airport lately?

  1. No, I haven’t flown in awhile either. Although when they do have delays, it just gives me more time to subdue my nerves and talk myself into thinking that “hey, self, they are just catching bad things that could happen on my flight.”

    I hate flying. It’s so boring. Stuck between fear and boredom doesn’t make it fun for me. LoL!

  2. yellowcat says:

    “I’m irritated at the situation, but if you keep talking, I will be irritated at you”

    HAHAHA! I must remember that line.

  3. CatMan says:

    I love you dear! Your witty bandar with your hubby really shows your frustration. I love airports for the people there 🙂 never a dull moment. I missed a flight once and sat in Denver for 6 hours…it stunk. Look for the good! At least you weren’t alone!!


    • I actually don’t mind the delays too much when I am alone because I don’t have to ‘take care of’ other people…making sure they have food, having fun, etc. People watching, walking around, and getting myself a snack are okay when I know I have time on my hands.

    • The travel, not so fun. The visit was great. Actually the trip home was interesting because I got a new camera and took about 50 pictures out of the plane window. And my husband thought it was funny..as opposed to thinking I was crazy…okay, maybe he thinks I’m crazy but he is nice about it to my face!

  4. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    Your trip from Toronto to Columbia clocked in about the same travel time for me from Dallas to Bolivia…..via ATL and MIA…… Good thing the return trip kind of made up for the horrible trip south.

    • Oh boy…I think I could have made it to Hong Kong in the time it took…okay, not quite but almost. Good thing there was family at the other end that I like and wanted to see. Imagine if you took a trip like that and then had a big family fight too!

  5. What a nightmare. And then there’s the food on the plane. Coming back from Italy last month, I made the mistake of not taking real food on board with me. I will NEVER do that again. I still have no idea what one of the “snacks” was that they handed out. Jeez, it was disgusting. And just about everything was an empty carbohydrate. For Pete’s sake, how about a piece of fresh fruit. Would that be difficult?

    • Food on the plane…are you kidding? Maybe a peanut on the floor…oh no, we can’t have peanuts. People might have allergies…but then how do they survive in the big, broad world? I am glad they provide bottled water now on every flight…add a piece of crusty bread and I’m all set!

  6. huffygirl says:

    Haven’t flown in a while, and this makes me dread it all the more. Probably will only be getting worse 😦

    • Seems to get worse, then better…then they add a new and different clearance procedure. It’s interesting that each airport is different. Doesn’t it seem any “bad guys” could figure that out and go to the ones with the least security?

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