Changing your Christmas decorating traditions

me – let’s go look at trees at 5:00 because they are on sale this week-end

husband – why do we have to look at trees?

me – they are on sale this week-end, and remember i want to put up the tree early this year since we always seem to be rushed the week before Christmas

husband – when did you say we were going to put up the tree this week-end?

me – i said it 3 times this week so as not to “spring it” on you and the kids since it isn’t our normal ritual

husband – i don’t remember that

me – i believe you don’t remember that, can we go look at trees today?

2 hours later, after looking at trees and finding one we like and it is out of stock, but maybe at another store that is now closed for the night…

me – let’s go to a different store since they probably all have the same trees

husband – but we found a tree we like, why can’t we wait until tomorrow

me – they may not have it at the store tomorrow, we are already out, it’s not like we were looking for that perfect tree for 2 months and now we are in love with it, let’s look somewhere else and get this done so i can put up the tree tonight

husband – i don’t understand why we can’t wait until tomorrow

…second store successful, tree is now in the car, headed home…

me – (to kid) come help, let’s put the tree up together and start the decorating

kid – why do we have to do this tonight?

me – i said it 3 times this week so as not to “spring it” on you, remember?

kid – i don’t remember that

me – i believe you don’t remember that, come help

…kid starts helping, all is fine…

husband walks in – you know, you can’t make something a new tradition just because you want to

@#$% (some bad conversation happened here)

later in the evening…family sitting at a late dinner, tree is decorated, and interesting family conversation ensues

kids – wow, the tree looks great, that was a good idea to put it up earlier so we can enjoy it, thanks mom

husband – honey, you did a great job, and the tree you picked is perfect

me (feeling pretty warm and fuzzy inside) – cheers, Merry Christmas

kid – does this mean we have to say Merry Christmas every day this month since the tree is up?

me – no comment


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14 Responses to Changing your Christmas decorating traditions

  1. yellowcat says:

    The last time I put up a tree the dogs dragged it down the hall. That was before I had Halo. I’m afraid to think what she’d do with a tree.

    • oh my…and are the dogs still with you or banished to the outside? don’t put the favourites / breakable ones near the bottom or you’ll just cause yourself work saying “don’t touch, don’t touch”…that’s why the kids make the paper ones for you to hang low!

  2. Techy, You want a pretty ornament to go on that perfect tree 😉

  3. Shoot! You just reminded me that I need to get my decorating up. Sigh…I hope we can avoid the bloodshed. At the moment, I just trying to get my 18-month old out of the box of lightings and bobs…pray for me:-)
    Happy holidays, K.

    • Hi K…I am praying for you and sending you all my good holiday vibes. I told the kids we can put ornaments all the way to the bottom because there are no little kids to pull them off. Good luck and remember to enjoy the tree no matter what it looks like.

  4. Sometimes they suck the life out of ya before doing or saying something that melts your heart.

  5. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    Gord – It’s too bad we don’t live in the same zip code….I think our families would get along great! I am glad your story had a warm and fuzzy outcome with minimal bloodshed and violence….. Ya got us beat on that account. Have a good one Gordo! – Mock

  6. Zahara says:

    Love it, love the images you used. I really enjoy hearing your version of your family transactions; heart-warming!
    AND, I am inspired now to go out into the rain and drag inside one of our three, make that two, (one died this year) live Christmas trees, growing in pots out back. Actually I’ll wait ’til my giant helper child shows up. Merry Christmas!

    • Merry Christmas Zahara. I even went shopping today. It was snowing, and cold, and many people were not nice. I didn’t let this deter me. I had a list and got it done. Not everything I need to do, just the list for today. And I did find out that Home Depot does not sell booster cables…the guy gave me the “what are you stupid?” look when I asked. I didn’t retort, but wanted to with “I promise you I have never had the opportunity to buy booster cables before in my life My Grinch.”

  7. Interesting to see the commercial activity and family festivities picking up around the holiday season. Please also comment on an alternate view: Christmas From A Muslim Viewpoint:

    In peace and faith, from Karachi, Pakistan.

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