Are your Mondays crazy?!

8am – 1st meeting of the week starts with an update with a business / technology update to establish priorities and take about an action plan

Business leader, call her M, starts with this statement – ‘I just want to be bold and say it like it is, and maybe I don’t have the facts but from my view the wheels are coming off the car’ and then she listed 5 things that seem to be going wrong.

I’m not sure I heard the 5 things because it didn’t feel like a good partnership meeting, but more of a public flogging.

9am – leave for work (did the first meeting from home on a conference call) and hit the road with 300,000 other people on this first snowy morning of the year.

Traffic is bad even though the roads are completely clear, but just wet.  A trip that normally takes 45 minutes is frustratingly slow and takes close to 2 hours.  We travelled about 10 km an hour (which for Americans is approximately ZERO miles an hour).

10am – paperwork and forms that need to be completed for performance reviews.  And a free gift of time to do it since the weather has resulted in a few people I am supposed to meet with who did not come in to work today.

12 noon – business lunch, went to a favourite restaurant and ordered one of my favourites… the caesar salad came and there is almost no dressing on it.  What the heck is that?  I go there all the time and eat this salad all the time and it is usually fabulous and today I have a trainee who didn’t know how to make it.  (got a different waiter to take it back and re-toss it with more dressing)

1pm –  review some documents, approve a business case (spending $250,000), approve hiring of 3 people, purchase of 6 blackberries, and access to systems for a team.

2pm – meet with a colleague to talk about the system outages we are experiencing and how we can address the problem before the next time a customer is yelling at us

3pm – meet with a person on my team and give her the challenge from the 2pm meeting, brainstorm ways to make it better and who can work on it, she ‘gets it’ and I know we will make progress

4pm – meet with two people on my team and talk about a project that will be cancelled this week, communication plan, what work we can put the people on who will be freed up, and who will meet with them to talk through the changes

5pm – read some email, get about 100 a day and have only read about 20 of them so far, decide to read 20 more and not worry about the rest for now

6pm – boss drops by, talk about the happenings of the day, and what is coming up tomorrow, no surprises (that’s a good thing)

7pm – leave work and head home, dreading the weather and the traffic

7:45 – arrive home, no traffic even though there is bad weather, 45 minute commute takes 45 minutes

7:50 – drive kid to karate,  skipping class myself…just can’t do it tonight

8:00 – home, quickly change into pyjamas (yeah), turn on the Christmas tree lights (why didn’t anyone turn them on?), and chat with my husband for an hour with no kid interruptions (sweet)

9:10 – kids home, talking, talking, talking… what happened at school today, hear about my son’s new job, daughter’s homework

9:30 – breakfast for dinner (love it), bacon, scrambled eggs, toast with homemade jam, and milk…husband knew just what I needed.

10:00 – cuddle on the couch with little one (14 year old son) and do a little blogging

What do people do who have hard days at work and then no one to come home to?  or worse, people at home to come home to who aren’t nice to them?

…and tomorrow, what will the day bring?


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10 Responses to Are your Mondays crazy?!

  1. yellowcat says:

    I hated Mondays when I had a “real” job. Most of the time I couldn’t fall asleep on Sunday nights so I was dead tired on top of all the stress of a Monday. I’m so glad I’m not doing that anymore.

  2. Oh, Margaret…haven’t heard that one yet “in your uniform”…but I’d take that as a compliment! Hope you are cozy and warm at home tonight.

  3. Zahara says:

    I love the statement your pajamas make!
    In answer to your question, “what do people do who have no one to come home to after a hard day..?”
    They blog.

    • Thanks zahara! I guess I am living on the edge of both worlds then with my family and my blog. 🙂

      Maybe I’ll have to call them my ‘statement pyjamas’ from now 16-year-old daughter has ‘statement blush’ so this sounds about right. My blush hasn’t made a statement for many years, I am sure.

  4. Key word – pajamas. Sometimes the only thing that gets me through the day is the knowledge that I will soon be in my flannel jammies. 🙂

    Hope tomorrow is better.

  5. hi huffygirl…and now I am doing laundry because my son wouldn’t think to mention (before 11pm) that he has no clean underwear. told him it’s a good thing he is cute.

  6. huffygirl says:

    Whew – what a day!

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