Do you need inspiration for Christmas decorating?

I typically decorate last minute for Christmas.  One year, we were in the basement pulling out the ornaments, mad dash to get things up 4 hours before family was arriving at our house for the holidays.  Swore the kids to secrecy and when there were comments of “oh, your house looks so great, you must spend a lot of time putting up the decorations”, we all smiled and said simply “thanks”.

No lie, no excuses, we just took the compliment.

We have a LOT of decorations.  Most have been gifted to us and we are very fortunate for the terrific taste of the gifters.  There is one questionable moose on a wreath, but it was given with love so has a place of honour on the wall of the kitchen.  After all, we live in Canada, why not have a moose on the wall?

So…this year…no one knows why…I decided we would not decorate at the last minute.  Partly trying to teach my kids better habits since there are only a few years left before they go out on their own and repeat all the bad habits I have and blame me…and partly to see if this would indeed reduce the amount of Christmas tension and arguments in the house if there was one less thing to worry about before the guests arrived.

This post then is for those of you who aren’t yet in the mood to decorate, and want some inspiration, or just want to look at some nice ornaments.  These are all real, from my house, and yes, I included the moose.

It didn’t stop the “why do I have to help with the decorating, why do we have to do it now, how come I am doing more than anyone else” arguments…but hey, now they are over and I am sitting here enjoying the beauty.

Merry Christmas decorating!


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7 Responses to Do you need inspiration for Christmas decorating?

  1. yellowcat says:

    I like the moose. It looks like something I would buy.

  2. whatsnormality says:

    “After all, we live in Canada, why not have a moose on the wall?”

    This has just made my day.

    also, I am getting extremely excited for Christmas :O
    And believe it or not, we haven’t even decorated yet, and every year we go all out. it’s crazy. you have to be cautious when walking in or you may inhale tinsel.

    • Hi normality…glad you liked it the moose piece.

      You better get started. I want to see pictures because I LOVE tinsel but no one in my house does so I haven’t been using it. Maybe with the early start, I’ll have time to sneak it in. 🙂

  3. Great post! 🙂 I usually put my tree up the day after Thanksgiving. I’m ready to light a match to everything on Dec. 26. I can’t stand looking at it any husband used to tell me that it was bad luck to take the tree down before New Years Day. So, I would take the decorations down and leave up the Love the moose. 🙂

    • Bad luck, silly. Maybe now you can take the decorations off and put the tree in his front yard on the 26th?

      Or next year put up the tree on the 26th and then just add 2 decorations a day so it takes you until Christmas to be done…then you won’t light it up!

  4. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    Love the moose! We got case de Idiot all decorated, including outside, we just have nothing bought to put under le tree as of yet….. will probably wait till the last minute for that. Have a good one Gord!

    • Oh the shopping part is left to come…and do you get as tired as I do of the people who strut around saying “ohm I did all my shopping in the summer and have everything wrapped by Dec 01”. What the heck did they buy in the summer…shorts and flip flops?

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