Do you have stickers on your back?

You know how you work with people who make you crazy?  Well, maybe you don’t…but I sure do.  Some people make me crazy because they don’t do their job, some because they whine a lot, some because it takes them too long to get to the point.  There are many more I could list, but you get it.

So today I’m meeting with a few people (not the aforementioned make me crazy ones), and I say off the top of my head…

Why can’t we just put a sticker on someone’s back when they make us crazy?  Imagine…if everyone had a pile of stickers and could brand someone this way, it would make things easier for everyone.

  • If you are walking down the hall and see someone with a lot of stickers on their back, you would know to steer clear of them.
  • If you were reviewing a person, and weren’t positive you were making the right decision, you could check the amount of stickers on their back to see what kind of feedback they are getting from other people.
  • If you are in a discussion and two people have differing opinions and you aren’t sure who might have the best perspective, you could weigh the input by the number of stickers on their back.

So then I start thinking, why stop with just doing this at work…

  • What if you are standing in line behind someone at a store and the person waiting on you can’t seem to work the register or count out change, plop a sticker on their back.
  • You’re walking in a mall or airport and a person is coming down the hallway on the wrong side and wreaking havoc with the traffic flow, out come the stickers.
  • You watch someone leaving a food court table without picking up their tray and taking it to the trash, reward them with a sticker.
  • A pedestrian walks against traffic lights where there is a huge backlog of cars that are now unable to proceed through the light, JUMP out of the car and place the sticker on.

What do you think?  Could this catch on?

Comment and give me your suggestions for more opportunities for sticker identification!


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23 Responses to Do you have stickers on your back?

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  2. This is awesome!!!! The thing about people is they don’t really like to complain about service or food etc. They don’t want to create scenes….and they don’t want to hurt feelings!!!!! But it means we carry on getting the things we don’t want!! This would solve that. No questions asked, no answers given. Yah!!
    Adding you to my blog roll!!!

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  4. LOL!!! You’ve got me watching my back now ;-).


  5. You are PURE GENIUS! I am going out right now to buy stickers.

  6. Ha!!! I love this, I’m also thinking we may unknowingly work at the same place as I work with many of the people you described.
    I think it should also be more like a stamp. something that could wear off in time and good behavior but not something that can be changed daily.

    • Hi mamarazzi…I can’t believe we work together and you haven’t even stopped by to buy me a coffee. 🙂

      A stamp is a great idea. If you don’t get new ones, it will wear off to show you are doing better. Hmmm…where would it go though?

  7. I love this idea! You really would know who to steer clear of. It made me wonder what sticker(s) I should have on my back. My ex husband always told me to get to the point, but I really think I danced around my point just to piss him Great post!

  8. yellowcat says:

    I think the stickers should be on foreheads. They are easier to see that way.

  9. That’s a great idea. It could even be a precursor to getting people to start telling people the truth-that they are irritating-in a nice way. And, if they got alot of stickers, well maybe they would stop being so irritating. Of course, we couldn’t slap the sticker on them, that might cause a fight. LoL!

    It reminds me of the movie, The Invention of Lying, where everyone told the truth and no one got angry when they were told they were unattractive or something elese that might hurt their feelings. It was an interesting movie and world they lived in.

  10. Great idea, but then you have to wonder which stickers you’ll find on your back. 😉

    I’ve always thought it would be great fun to create a checklist of things you think you do to make other people crazy. Then, get everyone you know in a room, feed them some truth serum-laced cookies, and ask them what they really think about you. Compare their answers to your predictions. Good times. 🙂

    • i like your idea on the truth serum…but then maybe we would all be crying too much…i’d be okay with people putting the stickers on me as I am positive I could still stay under the crazy people threshold in a crowd.

  11. Zahara says:

    I think this is a great idea, it would save time and trouble. When I am driving or riding my bike I often wish I had a gun that could shoot darts with suction cups on one end and flags emblazoned with driving tips and/or expletives on the other.

  12. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    Gord – How in the world did you subconsciously have me checking my back for stickers as I was reading this? You are good! I think it’s a great idea! (Especially since the mirror confirms I am sticker free!) Have a good one my friend! 🙂

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