Do you watch bad t.v.?

Okay…I like to watch bad t.v. and when I am watching it, I am not sure if I am enjoying it or not.  I often watch with no one else in the family around so I don’t have to hear “Are you REALLY watching that crap?” (deserved, I know, I know)

I like to watch …

Sister Wives

– no excuses

– no rationale

– I just like to watch it



Sarah Palin’s Alaska

– no political statement

– no affiliation to Alaska

– I just like to watch it



I used to watch Jon and Kate plus 8, but I can’t watch the new Kate plus 8 shows

– I liked the show

– It was obvious there was trouble

– I liked to see the challenges before everything was staged and paid for

The Little Couple

– they are both nice

– they aren’t staged (yet)

– they have real jobs (I hope they both keep them)

– they don’t act perfect




Tonight, they had two shows come together as Kate and the brood joined Sarah and her clan for a camping trip.  But alas, it was not to be when Kate declared she did not want to ‘pretend to be homeless’…she asked the kids if they wanted to stay or go and when they all said ‘stay’, she said good-bye to them.  At that point, they all decided it was best to go with mom and they headed off.  The pictures included here are from Kate saying “I’m freezing and I’m starving” just before they left…and Sarah saying “Come on, it wasn’t that bad” just after they were gone.  Oh, how I wanted to see Kate and the kids spend the night with no sanitary hand cleanser in sight.  I even got the husband and son to watch this one with me for the irrational enjoyment!

And, I know it’s not on anymore, but an ode to my bff Jessica Simpson…



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11 Responses to Do you watch bad t.v.?

  1. yellowcat says:

    No bad TV for me. I’ve never watched a reality show and I plan to keep it that way.

  2. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    When I was in South America, one of the few shows I could find in English was “Jersey Shore”. It was the only place I ever watched the show….. but it was really like watching a train wreck….. I have not watched since returning to the US…..honest!! 🙂

  3. Ollin says:

    I had an addiction to cable news for a while, and any kind of sensationalist media. But it was seriously bad for my mental health, lol. So I stopped, but I binge once in a while. It’s like junk food, I know it’s bad for me and makes me queasy afterward, but for some reason I can’t stop eating.

    • Ollin, I can relate to that. I was in India last year for 3 weeks…and the ONLY show I could find when in my hotel that was in English was TMZ…gossip news show. It is soooooo bad….and I never even knew about it until that trip, but I got hooked and started looking forward to it every night. I haven’t watched since returning to Canada!

  4. Zahara says:

    I haven’t had cable television in my house for more than 25 years. Yes, I am way out of the loop. I do have a television, which we got for free, and we use it to watch rented movies. The boyfriend, on the other hand, has a sixty inch TV and a million satellite channels, so I get my fix when I’m at his house. Yesterday I watched David somebody transform Lala’s wedding, totally not my style, but I watched it anyway. And because he loves me, the bf records Mad Men for us. I love that show.

    • Oh zahara..I was watching Mad Men for a while, but then seemed to be mixing up the old ones and the current ones and I couldn’t keep track so I gave up. Seems that you may have the right balance with getting the fix at his house and not getting hooked on these shows when at home.

  5. I’ve never watched any of these, though I made it through the first five minutes of one of the Alaska episodes and couldn’t get past her rowing her kids closer to the mama grizzly bear with the cubs. Can you spell STUPID boys and girls? I suppose they had an army on staff with guns ready to pop, but what a shame it would have been to put down an animal because of human stupidity.

    I’m a Survivor junkie. As a lifelong camper, I like to laugh at the clueless contestants who, after a gazillion seasons of the show, still show up not knowing how to make fire, fish, build shelter, keep warm. Can you spell STUPID boys and girls?

    I also watch American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, and So You Think You Can Dance.

    • Oh, I don’t watch any of those shows…but I’m afraid as the winter goes on (started early and hitting us hard), I could get hooked on anything.

      Do you think as you are watching these shows and thinking how STUPID they are, we are also the stupid ones for watching. These bad shows do become like a train wreck that you wish you weren’t watching but you just can’t stop.

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