Corporate jobs are stinky

I have worked in a Corporate environment for over 25 years.  I love my job almost every day.  Today was not one of them.

When you work in technology, if the systems are working nobody calls.  If the systems aren’t working, everyone calls.  It’s quite the career choice I see.  Every day I lead people and I am able to motivate them and make the connection for them that what they do is important to the business and to the people who count on our company.  We touch our customers over 700 million times a year and process millions of transactions every single day of the year.



When everything goes right…quiet.  When ONE thing goes wrong, phones ring, people complain, and emergency meetings are called.  It’s exciting, exhilarating, and challenging.  When the stars align and the systems work, it is quite satisfying to reflect on the great teamwork that made it possible.  And even when there are problems, I can (almost) always see the opportunity to bring together a group of bright people and solve it.

Today, hearing one too many times how things need to get better… I started to think corporate technology jobs just stink.  Of course things need to get better.  That is life in a corporate environment.  But realistically, I know that everyone thinks technology should be faster, cheaper, and more reliable.  Nobody ever says “geez, that technology is too cheap, please charge me more…and by the way stop making it so fast, it used to be fine until you sped things up”.

I did give my speech at our team event and highlight all the accomplishments and thank the team.  That part of the day went well.  And I didn’t fall off the stage like the last time  🙂

No one in the crowd of hundreds knew that just for today I think my job stinks. Maybe tomorrow I won’t think it anymore.



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20 Responses to Corporate jobs are stinky

  1. Addy says:

    Thank heavens I get to smell the waft of coffee brewing than that of my job stinking!!! Congrats workingtechmom and thanks for swinging down by my blog..

    Best Wishes,

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  3. Yeah, corporate jobs are stinky! We have dedicated an extreme department to catering for the stench. I have days like these more often than I’d like. I think it must be more sophisticated technology leading to higher customer expectations….. As long as we don’t crash at this speed. Nice post! K

    • Love your quote – “as long as we don’t crash at this speed”…I know there are so many pros and cons of the technology advancements…

      Sorry to hear you have more bad days than you’d like. I’m sending you good vibes for a GREAT DAY on Monday!!!!

  4. Thanks for that!! Yah!!!

    Must be honest, now that I am really thinking about it- should have been A NAKED BOKKIE, instead of my.(Would have helped with the Blogrolls-haha)


  5. My moniker…. Wasn’t very well thought of. Logged onto WordPress and realized “oh great- I need a name”. So….

    Bokkie is an afrikaans word which really means little buck. BUT can be used as a term of endearment. I use it often, and people seem to catch onto it, and use it back.

    This blog would be something that was “me” but still a thing. Something that I would love. (Because I love me). I am my own bokkie……

    Naked- well I am throwing it all out there! When I stand in front of the mirror naked, I don’t only see the good parts- I see all the terrible bits that I want to cover too. They are there- and they probably will never not be. My blog won’t only be all the good stuff…..but everything that comes with this package. You will see bits that you like, and bits that you hate…..and we will deal with the whole body- haha.

    But hopefully, you will still see it with love. (I will be your bokkie?)

    And with regards to having one word….vs 3…. Well when completing the wordpress page- I didn’t realize that I could use words. My bad!!! And now as far as I know- it cannot be changed!!! Oh well…..

  6. Zahara says:

    Hey, your visitor stats are at 4,444!!! I like it when numbers align, and when stars align. May those phones quit ringing while you ring in the holidays.

    • Hey Zahara…THANKS for the 4444 comment. I am unable to see my blog at work, but I did see your comment…and it brought a smile to my face right between meetings. I am an addict for number patterns (sort of geeky that way) and this is truly showing my stars aligned to kick the crap out of yesterday and bring on the good vibes today!

  7. Takes certain people to be able to handle that stress! So rather be proud that you can. You may not enjoy it, but you can handle. And….
    Tomorrow is another day.

    • Hi mynakedbokkie…I checked out your blog and get why it is named husbands4hire, but why you have this moniker is still unclear.

      Thanks for visiting on my tough day and sending me good thoughts. Today, in fact, was another day – and a good one at that.

  8. Good job staying on the stage. 🙂 I liked the cartoon. Your blog is so entertaining. I’m going to get some popcorn and I’ll be right back. 🙂 Have a great weekend.

    • Oh jumping…you are so sweet. Send some popcorn my way. Can you package up the popcorn, some clackers, and that fancy barbie with the black and white bathing suit? Then I would be set to relax and toss this week into the history books!

  9. You sound like my hubby. He is a software engineer/programmer. The day something goes wrong—everyone is God’s green creation calls about it. It’s the nature of the beast. Give your best and then let it go. Dwell on this very profound fact: On some days people can be poo heads. Just remember tomorrow is a new day!

  10. Ahh….. So glad you didn’t fall off the stage – I know you wouldn’t! I work in a very different environment – small non-profit, 15 bosses (my board), multiple stakeholders/audiences – but there are definitely similarities. We’re always expected to do more with less, we rarely celebrate the amazing work that we do and apply historical perspective to it, and no phones = good news 😉

    Just for today… we get a good night sleep, enjoy a cup of tea, and remember to reward/celebrate the little things (because we can’t count on others to). Ha!

  11. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    A. Great job staying upright on the stage.
    B. How you do not have a ton more bad days like today is a mystery. You have a career that would stress most of us to death within months. You continue to have a great positive attitude. It’s no wonder you have been successful. Keep smiling Gord.

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