‘Not so stinky” Friday

Thursday was a stinky day at work.  Friday, not so much. (A big thanks to all those who commented on my Thursday post – it really did help me.)

Christmas lunch with one of my teams.  Very nice…enjoyed the conversations about who is taking time off, who has shopped, who is stressing, who is counting on mom to make it all work out. (some members of the team are much younger than I as you can guess)  One guy giving another guy a tip about the Swarovski store where you can buy sparkly earrings without spending the amount you would on diamonds…I didn’t know young men gave each other Christmas shopping tips for wives. 🙂

Dreaming of looking like this when I do a push-up

Went to martial arts…got there late.  @#$%  If you are late, you have to do push-ups by yourself while everyone else is doing something else and feeling bad for you.  Usually 20 push-ups…my instructor calls out to me “we’ll go easy on you today and you only need to finish 30”.  What did he say?  Holy cow…I am the WORST push-upper in the whole class.  I did my 30 without complaining (at least outside of my head) and joined the class.  By the end of the class, we had done 140 push-ups so I will say my shoulders are ACHING today.

The good part of class though was that I learned a new FORM…these are the best things to learn.  When you get it right, the form flows, and you feel powerful, and you put so much of what you have learned as separate pieces into one combination that I always think must feel how a ballerina feels doing a solo or a gymnast feels doing a floor routine.  It’s just you and the moves, and you are spinning, kicking, punching, and striking in every direction to a cadence.  I love forms!

Now…don’t get me wrong…I am not graceful at this form yet.  I will need to do it another 200 times or more…but I have now done it 10 times and I know the moves.

  • spinning hook kick

  • Set up
  • Strike
  • Set up
  • Graceful move, circular arms, and punch!
  • Spinning, upper cut
  • Set up, 3 quick blocks
  • Side kick
  • Jumping, spinning crescent kick (my favorite!!!)
  • Spinning hook kick
  • Crescent kick
  • Spinning hook kick (other side)
  • One kick (oh my….this is so damn hard…I look so bad trying it)

    "One kick" takes them down...soooooo hard

……..and that is just the first half of the form…don’t you wish you were doing it with me?

I thought of the moves all night after class, I practiced in my kitchen, and I woke up thinking of it.  Life is good when you feel strong and in control.


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10 Responses to ‘Not so stinky” Friday

  1. yellowcat says:

    You’re a regular Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. I love watching martial arts in the movies because it looks like a very graceful dance…unless you are the one getting beat up.

  2. Well done!! The fact you have managed to find an avenue like martial arts is awesome. I could just picture the faces of the day that I would like to be smashing, and I am positive it would make me feel stronger!! (Is that what you do?) Haha.


    • Hi bokkie…I used to think that I would do that when I started…a way to think of all the things / people who irritated me and then punching and kicking them out of my life. In reality, I have to focus so much for the whole hour that all I can think of is how to make my body do the moves and then following through. It is a great hour where I think of nothing else – except an occasional thought of how the moves are so much easier for the teen-agers than for an ‘old’ mom like me!

  3. I can do 30 push-ups, but only the modified kind on my knees. Some exercise tapes call them “girl pushups.” Blah! 😐

    That photo of the real push-up had me very jealous. 😉

    • My instructor told us on day one…there is only one kind of push-up and it doesn’t involve knees on the ground. I almost cried.

      I am jealous of that photo too…and striving every day to get closer to it.

  4. Sounds like a great day, workingtechmom. I can understand your love of martial arts – it truly sounds fulfilling and rewarding. Great to “meet” you!

  5. huffygirl says:

    I’m impressed. I really can’t do more than 1 or 2 pushups, and I don’t do them well.

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