Crystallized honey, and a fire in the house?

It seemed like a normal day Saturday – chores, shopping, planning for the Christmas visitors coming next week.  Both kids had to work and there was some homework to be done. (yes, homework even though school was out for the break on Friday…the kids would want me to mention the evils of that)

I went out with the little one (14) for our annual shopping trip/prep for Christmas.  We were having a great time following some rituals – picking out gifts for dad and pop-pop, dinner and talking, showing him things I’d asked Santa for, and picking a gift for his sister…and adding a few new ones – looking at nerf guns at Walmart because I just can’t resist 🙂 and buying assorted goodies to do some baking.

Patterns, traditions, sequences, and plans…we need them and resist them, but at this time of year I love them.

Husband took the big kid to work and then called to see how we were doing.  Since we were only halfway through our plan, he decided to visit a friend.

A few hours later, little one and I headed home.  I got out of the car, unlocked the door, and immediately smelled a house fire.

Cautiously walked into the kitchen to check it out and found the problem.  No kitchen blaze, but a pot on the stove with the burner turned on… a black blob of something inside and the previously red pot is now black inside and out.

Turns out my husband took a jar of honey that had crystallized and wanted to warm it up so it would turn back into nice, flowing, tasty honey again. (who does that?)  Big one needed a ride, he forgot about the honey, didn’t come home as planned and the rest is history.

We are okay…it could have been so much worse…maybe these things happen to remind us.  Remind us to be careful and remind us how fortunate we are.  I lived through a house fire many years ago where everything I owned was gone.  That is a story for another day, but for today I send my best wishes out to all of you.

Today I am dealing with a smoky smell in everything … but that’s all I am dealing with. An annoyance at best, not a tragedy.

May you enjoy this holiday season the same as I am…with manageable annoyances that remind you how blessed and fortunate you are.


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17 Responses to Crystallized honey, and a fire in the house?

  1. markp427 says:

    Yikes – close call! My townhouse nearly burned down a week after I moved in, when my son’s bedspread decided to get cozy with a nightlight. Fortunately, like you, I just ended up with a smelly house. Whew!

  2. Zahara says:

    Happy Ending, good work. Hate that smoky smell, let’s the lesson linger a bit longer…
    Glad you had fun shopping/ritual with your son. Nerf guns are a great idea, thanks, we need some new ones around here.

    • Hi Zahara! The smoke is only bugging me, not the one who caused it so lesson is not being learned the best way. 😦

      Nerf guns are fun at any age. Post a picture if you have a great nerf gun fight!

  3. Oh my friend! That is so not good! I must say I know your pain…we did that once. Left Macaroni on the stove top boiling….ADD kicked in and then next thing you know, boiling over everywhere! At least we were home 🙂 But to think if we had left….oh what a disaster that could have been!

    I hope you have a very blessed Christmas! You are too cute…ps because of you, I went and got my toes painted red.

    Much love Techy!

  4. Rea says:

    Love your toes in the snow. Snappy color. Very ho ho ho. I don’t even see any dirt under the nails or caluses. That’s why you won’t be seeing mine over there.

  5. huffygirl says:

    Whew! Glad you escaped mostly unscathed.

  6. Holey Moley – I also looked at the pic and freaked out thinking that was your house!! It can happen so fast – I’ve had a grease fire before and fortunately I remained calm, poured some flour on it and also grabbed a top and covered the pan – fire went out and no problems – could have been disastrous – we’ve been hearing lots lately of space heaters causing fires. So sad at this time of the year. Love your header pic! xo

    • Hi crone…glad to hear your fire also resulted in minimal damage. It can happen fast and there are so many dangers to watch.

      Thanks for the comment on my header pic – it’s my parent’s back yard from Thanksgiving week-end.

  7. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    I am so glad this had a happy outcome. I knew when you were describing smelling a house fire that the husband had to be responsible in some way. We always are….. 🙂 Happy Holidays Gord!

    • Thanks Mark. I wouldn’t blame him just for the fun of it…but I do worry about his lack of attention at times. Happy Holidays to you also! Here’s to a calm (is that even possible) week.

  8. It’s amazing how many people actually have had house fires!! We should be more careful, we should become pedantic. About 6 months ago, I woke up to a bbbzzzzing…. For the life of me I could not figure it out. In the middle of the night, I moved my ear from place to place….eventually tracking it down. My digital alarm clock (on my beside table)!!!! When I looked closely, the wires\cords coming from the back were literally being eaten away….burning themselves up. I unplugged that alarm as quickly as I could ever, and sat and realised how lucky I had been. It was 2 o’clock in the morning….the table is piled with books and notes, and grass lamp, and made of wood. It could have been so very bad.

    We have a purpose!!! God is here watching over us.

    Great post!!!


    • Hi bokkie…glad to hear you found the buzzing and the wires. It really is surprising that more terrible stories don’t happen with all the electronics we have in houses these days.

      Thanks for the positive thoughts.

  9. That was scary. The photo at the top of the blog had me fearing it was going to be a lot worse. I’m so glad it turned out the way it did.

    There are so many distractions at this time of year. I left my tea kettle on the stove boiling away yesterday afternoon until almost all the water had evaporated. Luckily, my husband found it. The steam had made the control panel of the stove so hot I couldn’t shut it off with my bare hand. Later, when I was making myself that cup of tea I had never had, I set the kitchen timer to remind me that the kettle was on. I’ll have to compensate for what I hope are temporary attention deficits.

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