Why do you love your job?

What are two things that make you love your job?

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Or…two things missing, that prevent you from loving your job?

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Add comments to provide inspiration!

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11 Responses to Why do you love your job?

  1. yellowcat says:

    I love my job because it is never the same and my co-workers are like a chosen family.

    I would love my job more if I made summer money all year.

  2. I love helping farmers.
    I love being a trustworthy resource for many different audiences.
    I don’t love being asked to do more without TRUE recognition of what we’ve accomplished.
    I don’t love working over what is supposed to be my break.

    How’s that? Great stuff as always!

    • Hi Kris…I hope you aren’t working over the Christmas break, or any other one these days. I like your list and can relate to each except the ‘helping farmers’. I bet they appreciate your contributions as you are obviously talented and respected. I read your bio including the – 2010 SLO County Wine Industry Person of the Year Award. Congrats!

  3. I love a job that offers flexibility, challenging work (where I pick up a few new skills), and the opportunity to work with talented people. On the other side, I despise pointless meetings, office politics, and b.s. of any kind.

    • Hi Margaret…I think the 3 things you highlighted that you love are probably desired by many people. The pointless meetings, as you probably know by now, are one thing that really drain me. I’m doing my best in the new year to reduce / remove them from my life.

  4. Zahara says:

    Whew, right now my job is to raise my son and finish college so I can hopefully find a job I love as a nurse. After working as a waitress, etc., for 20-plus years, with no college to speak of, I am so grateful to have this second chance at an education and a career that I think will be challenging and rewarding…

    • Hi Zahara…and it sounds like college is going well so far. How did you decide on nursing? Was it something you always wanted to do, but never did before…or a new inspiration?

      • Zahara says:

        Nursing is something I always wanted to do, but school scared me! Now I love school. Also, it is one of the few careers that is surviving the recession, plus good pay, good benefits. And I have met a lot of nurses who “love” their jobs.

  5. Less time with my princess. (Unlike)
    Independance. (Like)

    Great idea!!!

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