Shutout Hockey Game – YEAH!

hockey goalie, shutout game, family, photograph

Goalie son - having a great day!

Today our family watched my son’s hockey game.  The final score was 3-0.  He had a shutout game.  I always think a goalie’s mom has the hardest time during any game.  I felt for the Norway goalie’s mom in the recent Canada (10) vs Norway (1) IIHF World Junior Championship game even though I have no idea who she is.

So for all the times I sat and cheered and was a good sport when my son’s team lost… and my son got hammered with shots)… a moment like today is sweet.

Little one – this photograph is for you…

hockey goalie, shutout game, family, photograph

Final score - yeah!


I previously captured the glee and the turmoil of being a goalie mom in this post:

have you ever had a shutout hockey game?


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11 Responses to Shutout Hockey Game – YEAH!

  1. yellowcat says:

    My son was a goalie for one season and I nearly had a nervous breakdown. Cheers for your boy!

  2. I think that must be such a tense, mind blowing atmosphere. I would love to attend a game! Well done.

  3. GREAT JOB!!! Ya got the next Martin Brodeur under your roof! Way to go! 🙂

  4. Congrats! We’re big hockey fans in my house.

  5. huffygirl says:

    Great day for you and your son!

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