A Brief Look at Chennai India

I was reflecting on how the holidays this year seemed calmer and more relaxed in such a good way.  I realized last year there was so much going on just before the holidays as I spent 3 weeks in India in December 2009.  Both experiences were enjoyable in very different ways.  Isn’t that what life’s about?! I’ve included just 3 of the photographs here for your enjoyment.photo

Chennai - 3 on the motorcycle

Can you see the baby’s leg and foot on the mom’s left leg?  Seeing 3 on a motorcycle became very familiar, and we often saw 4 or 5.  I wasn’t quick enough to snap one of those photos though.


Chennai - Cows taking a rest

There really are cows sitting by the side of the road, walking across the road in front of traffic, and generally meandering wherever they feel like it.


Gold Souk in Dubai

We flew into Dubai first and were fortunate enough to have a day to sightsee before heading on to Chennai.  I found the Gold Souk so overwhelming that I didn’t buy anything.  For more info on what the gold souk (market) is, check this out…



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7 Responses to A Brief Look at Chennai India

  1. yellowcat says:

    Holy Shit! Not only is she holding a baby, but she’s riding sidesaddle! I feel like swooning.

  2. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    I would love to get to India someday. The photo with the cows reminded me of Bolivia. Every kind of animal you could imagine…just wandering the streets and highways…..

    • Hi Idiot. I’m glad you liked the photos and that they reminded you of a place you’ve been. It’s interesting how you can get used to it after a few days when you are visiting. The first day it feels pretty shocking.

  3. That is crazy hey? I think i would go crazy…. I am already really bad if i see a child in the front seat of a car, especially without a seat belt. And when i see kids in the back of a truck, my heart does cartwheeels.
    Must have been an awesome holiday!!
    Thanks for the pics!

    • Hi bokkie. Oh yes, there were many crazy sights and it was hard to get used to all the kids on the motorcycles. There were also small taxis meant for 3 passengers that actually had 8, with some outside the car just hanging on to the open window panel with one foot inside!

      (it was a business trip, not vacation so I didn’t get to experience this with family)

  4. Expressmom says:

    OOoooh! I love your photos from India. Brings back memories. We also loved the daring motorcyclists.
    Some of my favorites: Male driver = helmet. Female passenger = No helmet. Child = No helmet.

    And I also lived in fear of one of the saris getting caught up in the back wheel. Made me crazy.

    But your three on motorcycle, I can actually top that, we’ve got a photo with FIVE!

    • Hi Expressmom! So, you got the photo of FIVE…I tried, but never got the right angle. I had the same thoughts as you about the saris, but they must have it all worked out because they do it every day. It was such an experience.

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