Big One Got to Grill Tonight!


The big one (16 year-old) works at a Harvey’s hamburger joint.  She does the cash, drive-through, condiments, and packs the food.  She does not grill.

Tonight they let her grill.  She said it is FUN except when it gets busy.  She started describing how she had to do 3 burgers, and a hot dog, and a kids burger, and 2 baskets of fries, and a basket of onion rings all at once…and then it seemed like too much because each item has different cooking times and everyone is counting on you to do it right.

So cool…that they let her do it, and that she took it seriously.  Next time you go to a hamburger joint, smile at the cook.  They might be feeling like they are dealing with a little too much right then and doing their best because you are counting on them to do it right.

I'm counting on you

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9 Responses to Big One Got to Grill Tonight!

  1. yellowcat says:

    Most of my food service experience is out of the kitchen, but I have cooked before. It isn’t as easy as it looks and I always tip my cooks when we have a busy night.

  2. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    Good for her! I used to flip burgers when I was in High School….it truly is real stressful….especially for a minimum-wage job. Glad she got it through it OK! 🙂

  3. Zahara says:

    All cooks should take their jobs so seriously. Way to go Big One, and, yes, I want fries with that.
    My 14 y.o. is Mr. Independent when he’s at his dad’s. At my house he sits at the table and watches me cook his breakfast. I suppose he’s paying attention!

  4. Expressmom says:

    Yay! Even more impressive to me as I have a 14 y.o. that asks how to make toast!

    • Hi Expressmom! I have told my kids I need to teach them how to make 18 dinners before they turn 18. Not going great so far, but it is a goal. So far I have taught them stew, quiche, lasagna, and fajitas. I find the recipe on the internet, buy the ingredients, and then sit on the counter and coach them through it. They do it together and both love chopping. I am not the cook in the house so they think it is funny.

  5. She is ready to be a mom!!!! (:-))
    I am like that with waiteress’s, because i was one for so many years! Always try and see the bigger picture!

    • Hi bokkie! I have to admit I always think that in restaurants with waitresses too, but didn’t always think about it fast food restaurants. My eyes now see a bigger picture too.

  6. That team building exercise where you fall backward into your partner’s arms and trust they’ll catch you is nothing compared to trusting that a 16-year-old with all those things on the grill is going to safely lead you to the end of a dining experience sans salmonella poisoning. Glad she’s taking it seriously. 😉

    • Hi Margaret. I agree! I did ask her why she thought it was harder to do than her job since she is dealing with a lot and facing the customers every time. She said “mom, people will get sick if you do it wrong”. I guess the education and training they do is actually very helpful. Probably more than we realize as customers.

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