Enjoying the Snow Today


When we get snow on a Monday morning, I want to cry.  I know the traffic will be bad and I will be driving forever.  I also know that there is a chance of a tragic accident and for sure my car will look like crap when I arrive where I am going.


I look at snow that arrives on Saturday morning though in a very different light.  As long as I don’t have a trip planned that day I will have the chance to see the beauty and the peace the snow brings.

Today was one of those days.  I woke early for a dentist appointment (I know, not what most people would do with their Saturday mornings) and made my way through the fresh snow.  I was the first person to ‘break’ the snow on my driveway and my road and several of the small side roads I drove to get there.

a bus all alone in the snow

tire tracks in the slushy snow

Tonight after driving the Big One to work, I meandered home, stopped the car several times, and got out to capture the beauty.  Enjoy the brief trip home with me…

a tree standing tall and proud with snow sprinkled on top

snow on the branches

the driveway is shovelled

..and we shovelled a path to the bench in case anyone needs a rest when they stop by 🙂



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14 Responses to Enjoying the Snow Today

  1. Snow does bring peace. Everyone is shocked when they see it kind of peace even when the know it’s coming.

    The Snow on the Branches photos looks like mini polar bears are sleeping on the branches.

    • Hi 633. I love the comment about polar bears. We have another big snow day today and traffic was crazy so I am working at home enjoying the “no commute day” and just focused on work instead of risking my life. 🙂

  2. How much snow did you all get!? HAHA I keep wanting to type SNOT instead of SNOW! I was visiting a friend in South Bend (IN) and they were getting lake effect snow with over 2 feet of this white powdery stuff! 😉

    PS: As far as those bullies are concerned–tell them you have a very feisty short friend that will come and bite at their ankles if they don’t knock it off! Plus I have mad ninja skills…but they don’t need to know that 😉

    • Hi Rosebandit…I don’t want any snot falling on me thank you very much!

      We didn’t get 2 feet, but we got about 6 inches a few times in the past two weeks so it gets a bit tiring, the shovelling, the accidents on the road, the travel time. It is pretty on the week-end when I am sitting by the fire and looking out the window.

      Thanks for the offer of using my feisty short friend. I’ll keep that in mind!

  3. Hi WTM,
    Nice musings! I wrote about the snow a while ago too. We had it really bad in November last year in Scotland!

    I need your help- I’m a little frustrated as I cannot figure out how to install wordpress plugin and how to edit my blog template with external widgets. All the document I’ve found talks about a wp-content plugin folder. I don’t know where this is. Do you know? Please help:-(. K

    • Hi businessaddict. Thanks for the nice comment.

      I think what you need to do is this…tell me if it helped or not. If not, I will look again if you give me more details what you are trying to accomplish.
      – go to your dashboard
      – click appearance
      – click widgets
      – drag the “text” widget from the centre section to one of the widget areas on the right side of the screen
      – copy the html for the external widget you want to include into this text box and save it
      …your widget should then show up….(crossing my fingers)

  4. Zahara says:

    Nice, I love being able to see the beauty of snow minus the shovelling. The snow on the branch picture is cool, looks like the feet of some animal. Stay warm!

  5. I think we’re getting another big storm this week. Ugh. I’m with you on the “work day” storms. Pain in the butt.

  6. So jealous!! You might like my post today! Maybe you woudl be jealous, and we can swap for a week?

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