A Random Drive Today

I have been cooped up in the house.  Doing laundry, mopping floors, cleaning to rid the house of mid-winter blah and germs from everyone’s colds over the past few weeks.

So today I took a random drive with my camera after the Little One’s hockey game. (they got slaughtered, and he whacked his stick against the boards in anger after letting in a goal, and got grounded for that from his mom…but that’s another story).

I drove by the soccer pitch and there is no one there.

where are the soccer players?

I drove by the playground and there is no one there. (but evidence that some youngsters were playing there earlier today).

where did everyone go?

I drove by the river where there is usually a lot of activity in summer and there is no one there.

But everywhere I drove I found beauty.  In this scene…

stop and enjoy this view

…even in the tire tracks in the snow…

tire tracks in the snow

…and then I found people … sledding …

sledding fun

What a fabulous, enjoyable, stimulating drive I had today.


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12 Responses to A Random Drive Today

  1. yellowcat says:

    Looks like people are cooped up just like you. Everybody needs to get out and enjoy!

  2. I enjoyed riding around with you.. 🙂

  3. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    I used to love sledding as a kid…..your photo reminded me that I have not been sledding in probably 30 years or so….. sigh…….. Beautiful pics! 🙂

    • Hi idiot. I loved the sledding part, not the walking up part! I remember negotiating with my little brother that I’d go with him if he carried my sled up the hill. Worked for a few years.

  4. Zahara says:

    Thanks for the drive, I needed to get out too. Must be winter, everyone snug inside. The pink clouds behind the soccer field look just like the sky out my window at the moment. What kind of camera do you have?

    • Hi zahara. You are blessed if you see those kind of clouds right from your window. Enjoy them.

      My camera is one of the Canon Rebel T2I. Christmas present this year and I love it.

  5. Nice little drive, that sledding hill looks like fun! I need a nice little drive myself but around here its midway between snow & melting snow, kinda blechy.

    • Hi Christy. We are having the craziest weather this week. -20C Sunday when I took the photos. 1C yesterday, and back to -10C today. Yesterday people were acting like it was spring and walking around with no coats. (me included) So we have snow, the slushy stuff yesterday that you had, and the melted snow that is now in chunks today because it froze again!

  6. Do you know that he may never want you to watch a hockey game again! Haha.
    Beautiful without all the people though. xx

    • Hi bokkie. My hockey star was mad at me for a few hours, and then showed up again at dinner with a smile and a hug for me and apologized. So, I forgave and we moved on.

      The views were beautiful without all the people. It is just amazing that certain areas are congested in three seasons and desolate in winter.

  7. And now I’ve had a nice drive via your wonderful post. I was cooped up all day writing for myself and for a client. Thanks for the breath of fresh air.

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