My Head is Exploding

Work is hard right now.

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I have difficult decisions to make.

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I can’t talk about it.

How do you get through these kinds of days?

Hey friends… please help!





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24 Responses to My Head is Exploding

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  2. huffygirl says:

    What works for me is prayer and a long bike ride (hard to do this time of year though) – but a long walk and a massage may do the trick! Hope you work it out.

  3. Chocolate and wine!

  4. Oh, decisions like that are tough. I find I need to sit with such decisions for a few days – mull the pros and cons over, and think and pray about it plenty. Sometimes looking at the reverse helps, like “how would it be if I didn’t…?” or considering whether or not I would regret either decision. What I always find, though, is that once I have made the decision I have peace – being in between is very difficult.
    Sunshine xx

  5. Ow, this is a toughie. Go for a spa and relax your mind a little. Usually helps for a clearer head come decision time. I hope you are ok. Ciao, K

  6. Zahara says:

    A long walk or run or bike ride, tea with a friend, laughter, laying outside on your back at night looking at the stars and feeling really small……
    You will get through this, don’t fight it and it won’t beat you up.
    Sending some good vibes your way to loosen the chains.

    • Thanks Zahara. I went for tea with a friend today. That helped a bit. Then karate tonight with both kids also helped.

      Laying outside at night would be tough right now. It’s -17C here!

  7. I’m a sucker for a pros and cons list.

  8. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    Are you into walking, or some kind of activity where you can go off by yourself and de-stress? Good Luck Gord…. I hope you get through this rough patch quickly my friend. 🙂

    • Thanks idiot. Unfortunately, this will go on for weeks…but I know I’ll get through it with support from people like you. I love to walk when I am thinking, but this cold patch is a killer right now. I might try it Sunday with the camera again.

  9. Lindsay says:

    SUCH a familiar feeling to me for the past week or more! I’m glad that you found my post (or maybe my post found you) at the right time. For me, finding someone neutral to talk to is always a good solution. Aside from that, lots of time in the gym, curling up with a notebook and pen making lists, or silently freaking out. But the silently freaking out thing just aids the exploding head, which gets messy…

    I hope things start to look up for you soon!

    • Thanks Lindsay. I think your blog did find me.

      I love this line from your recent post – “When a decision is right, you will know it. 100% without hesitation. And when the right decision is made, you will feel physically lighter, happier, and at ease.” I believe that too and it was important for me to read that on your blog.

  10. John Erickson says:

    I’ll assume that clubbing your boss to death is frowned on. I will also assume that chemical manipulation of your level of awareness (getting soused) is also out.
    Find a really noisy place (airports are great, as are subway/railway train tracks) and scream your head off.
    Find the biggest, fluffiest pillow you have, and beat it to death.
    Get drunk. (Oh wait, that’s out. Dang, I need a beer to think. Wait…….)
    If you’re into exercise, go find a gym and pound a punching bag. Or pedal an exercise bike like the hounds of Hell are hot on your trail. Or swim like piranhas are following you.
    Me, I split firewood. Or pound my fist on door frames. I don’t recommend either. Both hurt! 🙂

    • Thanks John for the great visuals. I’m not sure the clubbing would be frowned upon by everyone, but I’ll stay away from that and the chemical manipulation. I did tell my husband I can see why some people do resort to the nightly drinking though if they didn’t have support from family and friends.

      I did go to karate tonight and we did about 200 kicks tonight and I felt strong!

    • John Erickson says:

      See, that solved two problems! It helped relieve your stress, and it prepared you for the day when beating the boss to a pulp IS an alternative – one which you may find surprisingly popular! 😉

      • Thanks John. Please provide your phone number so I can contact you for bail money if I choose to take you up on these suggestions in the future. 🙂

      • John Erickson says:

        My dear lady, I’m so broke I couldn’t afford to bail MYSELF out! On the other hand, I am more than willing to provide you with a lie-detector-proof alibi, a nice hideout in the country if the cops don’t buy your alibi, and if absolutely necessary, I can arrange to have any witnesses against you … ahem … disappear, if you get my meaning. 😉 (Hey, I do hail from Chicago – we’ve been making things disappear for over 200 years! Ballot boxes, anti-Mafia types, you name it, we can sink it in concrete!) I’m also a pretty good wheelman, and once I get the parts together, I’ve got a hot little 1987 Cavalier that don’t look like much, but can suck the doors off of most V-8s. Just Email me – I’m here when you need me. 😀

  11. OH Techy….I’m so sorry. Chin up! I told someone to eff off….LOL.

    You need some alone time and clarity. Practice a little meditation and yoga. When my head hurts I take Excedrine migraine and push my head into the wall. It relieves that extra tension build up.

    Peppermint, shots, and a personal masseuse!


    • Thanks rosebandit. I’m not sure how the “head into the wall” helps. Maybe you can send me a video. 🙂

      I’m trying not to tell anyone off or take it out on people. Sometimes tough business decisions are needed…and I just need to get through it being true to myself. That isn’t how everyone else approaches it though, thus the pain.

      Going for the massage tomorrow..and now I will consider the peppermint shnapps shots too.

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