10 for Tuesday – (Feb 01)

10 things happened today…all good…

  1. roadtrip (always a great way to get the family talking)
  2. slept in
  3. nice breakfast out
  4. reading a good book
  5. time with family
  6. silly family photos
  7. tour of historic homes in Kingston Ontario
  8. french fries (I banned them for January, so they tasted extra great today)
  9. Big One and Little One excited to work tonight (how cool is that?)
  10. watching West Wing (on season 5), loving this show

I am truly blessed with many special moments in my life.


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24 Responses to 10 for Tuesday – (Feb 01)

  1. 11. Had many of friends leave you love on your blog comments…

    WONDERFUL observations Techy! You’re a gem!!

  2. whatsnormality says:

    Lucky you! I wish my family took road trips and stuff like that! You remind me a bit of my best friend’d dad a bit. He’s always up for the whole “get up and go do something awesome” kind of thing. Last summer I believe he drove 8 of my friends and I in a pickup truck down to the river as we watched a meteor shower above us. Most of us, including me, agreed that it was the best night of our entire lives.

    • Hi whats normality…maybe you could suggest a road trip. You could even start small and just suggest a trip into town with snacks in the car to make it feel like a road trip. Your night to watch the meteor shower sounds heavenly!

  3. I’m so glad you had a good day – all fun and special things, no nasty surprises!
    Sunshine xx

  4. They say”the best way to stay happy is to find pleasure in simple things”…
    God bless you and your family and may you enjoy such special moments ever…

    • Hi express. I like that saying and will keep trying everyday to find the pleasure. It is very tempting on many days to look at, talk about and think about the not so pleasurable. I know there is always a bright side if we keep looking.

  5. Zahara says:

    Did the kids tour the homes with you? If so , I’m impressed.
    If not, I’m impressed. Sounds like a sweet day………keep up the good work.

    • Hi Zahara. The kids did tour with us. We did a “car tour” instead of “walking tour” because it is still so dang cold out. Husband drove and found the perfect spot to park and get photos, kids read out the history for each home, I jumped out and got the pictures with everyone yelling “snow is getting in the car!”, and then we each said what we liked about the house. Great fun and would have been so easy to pass up. Glad I insisted.

  6. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    I am so happy that you seem to be doing so well Gord. Enjoy this precious time with your family. Have a great day tomorrow as well! 🙂

  7. Hippie Cahier says:

    Hello! I thought I’d drive by since you were so kind to visit my blog. I’m glad I dropped in today. . .
    What a wonderful way to start February. I especially like Number 8 as a strategy for looking forward to February. Can you tell February is not my favorite month?

  8. Jaclyn Rae says:

    I love this post 🙂 Gratitude is good for the soul.

  9. Hmmm.. I need to make a 10 good things that happened today list, I’m stressed out and grumpy. This could be helpful, but I’m stuck on 1.

    Grr! Hope your day ends famously!

    • Hi Bridget. Thanks for visiting.

      I can help out if you need it. Look for anything to get you started. Once you find items #1 and 2, the rest will start popping in your head. Did you have a good cup of coffee, a text from a dear friend, did your car start in the cold, warm socks to wear, a favourite sweater is clean, 5 minutes of quiet alone, … let me know if that helped?

  10. John Erickson says:

    Sounds like fun stuff! I’m envious of the house tours. I love that area of Ontario – if I had my way, I’d move to Hamilton as primary residence, and bomb around Kingston, Trenton, Brantford, that whole area, for fun. If you ever do get into Trenton, there’s a gorgeous old house, turned into a B&B, just 3 streets down from “the mountain”. We stayed there a few times, one of them being the night of Princess Diana funeral. My wife and I, the couple who owned the place, and a couple from BC, all sitting there bawling our eyes out! A rough night during an otherwise outstanding week with great people. Check it out if you get there!

    • Hi John. You must have lived here at some point…? We saw so many great things on our mini-roadtrip.

      We did cruise through Trenton, but I don’t think I saw the B&B. What a memory you have from that place. That would make me want to go back and visit again too.

      • John Erickson says:

        Sadly, no, I’ve only been a visitor to the area. My hobby is military history, and I was inspired by a co-worker’s comment (“Did Canada have an army in World War 2”) to adopt a Canadian persona for my WW2 re-enacting. I wanted a unit around early in the war, and one I could visit, so I chose the Royal Hamilton Light Infanty. Went up to Hamilton, met a few vets, fell in love with the unit, the vets, AND the city. And since I was Chicago born and raised, I saw the parallels between Gary, Indiana and Hamilton – both having lost their key industries and starting to slide, although Hamilton has survived FAR better than Gary. We’ve been up there several times, saw the Canadian Warplane Heritage museum back when they were two hangars and a couple truck-trailer offices! Unfortunately, finances haven’t allowed a return in over 10 years, but maybe fortune will smile soon. I hope! I envy you your proximity to such a great area. 🙂

  11. Glad you had a good day. I love the yellow house.

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