Dinner With a Side of Perspective

1 point perspective

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Last night we had dinner with my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and her husband.  I call him my brother-in-law, but I know some people say he’s not really because he and I have no family tie other than being the “out laws” married into the family.

Anyway, favourite brother-in-law and I were talking and he said unexpectantly “you are so lucky”.  I wasn’t sure what I was lucky about since that didn’t fit into the conversation we were having in any way so I asked.

He talked about how he had been working for the same company his whole life and that I have had the opportunity to change companies and have new experiences.  He then reflected that I am at that great moment again when I get to do a job search and make a decision about the next role.

He has been working for GM and has had a great career there.  He moved up quickly, is good at his job, and well-respected.  He worked hard, took his jobs seriously, is loyal to the company and his teams, made good money, supported his family through all their phases of life, and will retire soon with no financial worries.  (okay, by nature he will probably always worry but he and sister-in-law will be okay)

He is not unhappy about how his career played out, just reflecting on the difference between his career and mine.  And kind enough to state that to me.

And you know what?  After the conversation I did feel lucky.  How many people have someone like this brother-in-law to put things in perspective?

Now you see why he gets called favourite.


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And the dinner sister-in-law cooked was delicious too.


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16 Responses to Dinner With a Side of Perspective

  1. Catherine says:

    Sometimes, it takes someone pointing out things in your life for you to even notice that they are not the norm. That’s happened to me a lot recently too. I am lucky, blessed even, and I probably didn’t even know to what extent until the last year. It has taken people pointing out the good things in my life (and there are plenty) for me to even see them in the light of day. One thing that one of my coworkers does is every night before she goes to bed, she thinks of the things that created joy in her life that day. Simple things like seeing something beautiful on the way to work or catching up with an old friend. Big things like landing a new account or achieving a goal. Detailing and running through all those things every night helps her realize how fortunate she is, and how much she has to be thankful for. It’s something I’m trying to do too. It’s made a world of difference.

    • Thanks Catherine. I try to do that every day too. When my kids are grumpy, I make them name 3 things they are thankful for. They’ve never come up blank yet so I hope they learn this life lesson. I’m sure if people tried, they could come up with the opposite list every day – things to be irritated at – but those people can’t be happy.

  2. Just informing you Techy, I nominated you for “Stylish Blogger” (see my latest post for your 15 seconds of fame then pay it forward friend!) Love you lady!

  3. Linda Paul says:

    Hi, your stylishness lured me here. And I must chime in. As someone who spent 34 years working for the US Postal Service…I can’t even believe that I’m 34 years old…there is merit in what your bro-in-law pointed out. But, I also recognize the sheer terror that accompanies a pink slip (or however the process came to you). It is easy for those of us who’ve plugged away for eons to find the green side of the pasture…but that’s only cuz the grazing’s pretty good right under our feet. I wish you well in the twists and turns that unemployment will bring your way. May they lead to fun, excitment…and hopefully a pot o’ gold!

    • Hello Linda Paul. Thanks for the visit and the lovely comments. So far, I’m enjoying every day for what I can do with it. The freedom of not working and looking for the next adventure is outweighing the uncertainty and concern. The ‘pink slip process’ is so uneventful and unemotional in corporate life these days that it is actually gross. Might be more fun if someone like Donald Trump yelled “you’re fired”!

  4. Expressmom says:

    You are lucky for having such a great BIL, but you are even luckier that you choose positivity at every turn! You will always have a great life, because you constantly choose to be happy. I hope my kids learn that lesson: Happiness is a choice.

    • Thanks Expressmom. I certainly have my moments like everyone, but I snap myself out of it quickly. I agree that happiness is a choice…one I had to teach my son over many, many months. 🙂

  5. How blessed you are! I love his humbleness and this post! Makes life not seem so bad after all. The thing Techy, that I feel I consistently have to keep in mind is that it’s not necessarily the money as much as the opportunity 🙂 You are beautiful in your new ring! Rock it girl…see you soon at our party! 😉

    • Hi RoseBandit. I am blessed. My BIL is amazing in so many ways. He and I know we are each other’s favourites and we always sit together at family gatherings!

      I hear you on the opportunity front. See you soon over the cheese dip.

  6. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    Yep….who knows. Six months from now, you may be well into a new career that you absolutely love….and this little road bump you have right now….may end up being the best thing that happened to you professionally. 🙂

  7. Just what you needed to hear, wtm, I’m sure. I find it helps to hear another’s perspective, as it challenges me to look at my situation differently. I can understand why he’s your favourite!
    Sunshine xx

  8. I totally agree with him. Sometimes we don’t look up and around unless we’re forced to. It’s definitely scary to be without a job, especially if you are a major breadwinner in the family, but it is a huge opportunity to re-evaluate. Keeps things fresh.

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