A Day In Dubai

Juneira - coastal residential area in Dubai

bird sculpture in the mall in Dubai

movie theatre in the mall

food court, see the local dress and the Chili's restaurant 🙂

indoor snow park in Dubai

pathway not completed






rooftop patio at the hotel

Burj Dubai, now named Burj Khalifa - tallest building in the world, > 800 meters

tallest hotel in the world? - Burj al Arab - 321 meters

Photos from a day in Dubai.  It was obvious there had been a lot of money pumped into construction recently.  It did not seem congested anywhere we went and in some places it seemed there were buildings and pathways that were started and not completed.  Looked like construction had just stopped.

















The buildings and malls were stunning to see, inside and out.  There was a lot of sculpture and art and the light fixtures, fountains, and beaches were beautiful.  I had a sense that everything seemed large.  Hard to explain.

There was sand everywhere.  I know you will think – no kidding, it’s in the desert.  But it still seemed odd since it was my first time there.  For instance, as you enter a parking lot there was concrete or pavement like I would be used to and it would then lead to the main part of the parking lot that was very fine sand.  Beside the roadways there was a lot of sand instead of grass that we would see in Canada or the U.S.

We did not wear anything on our heads, but we did cover our shoulders when indoors with a sweater or scarf.  The Kandura The Kandura, or dishdash are worn by the men and are mostly white but in winter months they wear other colors.  They often change during the day so they always look crisp and clean.  The Abaya, the long flowing black gown is worn by the women.

For more information on the indoor snow park – see this link




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8 Responses to A Day In Dubai

  1. What a neat post — and great photos. I love “travelling along” as another commenter said. And I like your “it all seemed large” observation. Very poetic. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love traveling along with your photo’s. I heard the place was incredibly clean. That would be refreshing. I drove on the back road yesterday and I saw a mattress lying by the side of the road. WV at it’s finest. Great post. 🙂

  3. The snow park wins the lot. I have a couple of friends living there currently- for work. They all seem to be enjoying it, except for the heat.

  4. Expressmom says:

    We had a great time in Dubai….other than the incense that filled the malls. I was walking around with a scarf over my nose & mouth just to filter some of the smell! (I must be part bloodhound.) At least I looked like a local!!!

    I have to say visually the buildings are amazing from afar. But, when you get up close, it looks like kids put them together. Gaps, cracks, etc. Scared me silly going into any building of any height. And the workmen, wearing sandals, no hard-hats & no harnesses made me crazy!

    I didn’t think it was too pricey…except for real-estate wise. And we took the kids to the ski park too! They had a blast.

    Thanks for sharing your trip!

  5. Some of the architecture looks so futuristic. So, what did you think? Would you return?

    • Good observation and good question. I’m not sure if I would return. I felt like it was a good place for locals and for visitors with LOTS of money although the food, boat cruise we took, taxis, etc did not cost that much so not sure why I felt that way. The malls were so large and stunning, I was intimidated to even walk into most of the stores even when they were stores that were familiar. It was definitely worth the experience though.

  6. John Erickson says:

    Great shots! And thanks for the wardrobe notes. 😉 And you just HAVE to love them building a snow park in the desert! Gee – do you think maybe we’re not giving them enough money for all the oil we pump out from under their sand? I can’t help but feel that we might be taking advantage of those poor people – they only have 2 skyscrapers, and Chicago alone has that many! 😀

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