100 Posts And A Lot Of Fun

I am celebrating the first 100 posts I have created on this blog.

1st post – Sept 19, 2010 – Busy Week Ahead

1st comment – Sept 25, 2010 – Have You Ridden A Ferris Wheel Lately?

# of posts – ONE HUNDRED

# of days since I started the blog – 160

# of visits – 11,847

# of countries – 73 different countries represented by these visitors

# of comments – 1,230 – every single one has been read and appreciated

Busiest day – Nov 11, 2010 – Do You Know The Riddle?

My son and I spent a few moment singing to our favourite song one morning as we were getting ready to head out to school and work that day.  It was a few moments of pure bliss that I was able to reflect on at the end of the day instead of spending time thinking of the crazy, irritating moments of that day as I ended my day.

Thanks Little One.

Favorite post to write – Advice On Internet Use From a Teenager

I was proud of my daughter for her perspective and honesty.  She gave me advice I would have given someone else, just when I needed to hear it, and in a way I could hear it.  Thanks Big One.

Hardest post to write – 10 For Tuesday

I am by nature a very positive person.  It’s not that I don’t see bad things that happen.  I just don’t let these things / people own the view I have of life.  On this day in January when I was fired, I sat down and a lot of negative thoughts were swirling in my head and I knew it was a moment of truth.  If I let the negativity of the day come out through my post and sit in my head as I went to bed, those thoughts would own the moment.  So I sat and pondered and challenged myself to think of the positive aspects I could identify from the day.  I originally decided to do a top 10 list, but could only come up with 9 no matter how hard I tried.  So identifying #10 as the one bad thing became natural.  Say it out loud, give it a very small place in my blog, and then put it away and move on.

Most dedicated commenters –

  • Mark, The Idiot Speaketh (All around great humorous blogger and friend who just celebrated 1 Million visitors to his site!)
  • Donna, Huffygirl’s Blog (Excellent biker, nurse practitioner, gardener, and self-proclaimed satirist.)
  • Margaret, Conjuring My Muse (Dedicated fiction writer by passion – here’s a peek at her first published novel – and a tech writer by day who is supportive, kind, and talented.)
  • Expressmom, Practicing Buddhism (Amazing homeschooling mom of two terrific kids, teaching lessons and learning them herself at every turn.)

Why I started this blog –

A creative outlet.  I love computers and I was spending time on my laptop at night for relaxation, but I felt I was wasting time.  I started the blog as an outlet of creativity and reaching out.

Why I enjoy blogging –

I found the creative outlet I was looking for.  I found common interests with people and the ability to get reaction from the blogging community and have been able to provide my perspective and advice when asked.  I never imagined the community, friendships, connections, and pleasure I would find.  What a generous, thoughtful, and intelligent group of people I have been exposed to through blogging.

What I love about WordPress

WordPress is easy to use.  There are choices of themes and colours that help you to make it your own.  The posting, commenting, and linking on your blogroll is easy and the help screens are actually helpful.  It’s fun to see the stats as the posts are read and I LOVE the comments from my blog visitors.

Being able to have multiple blogs has been a blessing I did not expect to use.   My photo blog thumbtravels, has allowed me to express the creative side of my life with beautiful images and few words.

image courtesy of http://www.gifninja.com

A nod to WordPress for the service they provide to help ordinary people find extraordinary connections…


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10 Responses to 100 Posts And A Lot Of Fun

  1. I enjoyed that. I am positive it gave some great inspiration to so many people who are not quite sure of what to write.

  2. huffygirl says:

    Congratulations Techy! One-hundred posts in only 160 days – pretty busy and dedicated blogger. It’s been a pleasure to read and to get to know you through your blogs. And I appreciate the mention of “dedicated commenter.” Of course it’s easy to comment on well-written, thoughtful blogs.

  3. Expressmom says:

    Your blog is kicking my blogs butt!!! I’ve got twice the posts & half the visitors!
    Congrats on hitting 100 posts… I am sure you’ll catch up with Mock and his one million visitors before you know it!
    YAY YOU!!!

  4. Thypolar says:

    Congrats on #100! May there be many, many more 😉

  5. You’re an inspiration. I’ve been blogging since mid-2008 and am not even close to 100 posts. Bad, bad, undisciplined Margaret. 🙂

    Regarding being one of your most dedicated commenters, you make it very easy. When I get a “new post” email with your name on it, I know it’s going to be something entertaining, well-written, and something I can relate to. Your new Ouch Fired blog is a wonderful source of information on job hunting. And let’s face it, who knows when any of us will be in the same position? So, I read it and let it simmer in the back of my mind. You’re a very generous person, Techy, who takes the time to share her experiences, good or bad, so that others can benefit. My kind of people. 🙂

  6. John Erickson says:

    Congratulations! It’s great seeing not only how you work around some sizable negative events in your life, but also how you always manage, as the old song goes, “to stop and smell the roses”. Great job!

    • John Erickson says:

      Oh, and don’t worry, I won’t let any Ohio-bashing go too far. While I still count myself a Chicagoan born and bred, SE Ohio has been very kind to my wife and I in some of the roughest points in our life, for which I am grateful. Besides, I encourage the occasional return shot at Chicago or Illinois -it keeps me humble! 🙂

  7. Zahara says:

    “I never imagined the community, friendships, connections, and pleasure I would find.”
    Here, here!

  8. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    Congrats on the 100th post!! Way to go! I am sure this is just the tip of the iceberg and I look forward to many, many more years of great blogging from you. You are an inspiration. With the adversity you have been battling in recent weeks, your uplifting and positive attitude is just amazing! I shall happily be here to toast you and salute you through every major milestone of your wonderful blog. Have a great Sunday Gord! 🙂

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