10 for Tuesday – (Mar 01)

10 things today… all good…

  1. worked out
  2. drank coffee, blessed coffee
  3. lunch with a friend
  4. reviewed specification documents for 2 potential job opportunities
  5. good night’s sleep with Baby Amber gone
  6. dinner with my old Executive Assistant (she lost her job as a result of me being gone, can’t count that one as a good thing) and another colleague – very nice to catch up and stay connected to both of them
  7. Big Bang episode tonight that I haven’t seen
  8. plumbing is almost done on new bathroom (it looks much better than this photo)
  9. signed up to deliver a career day seminar to an 8th grade class with Junior Achievement
  10. hanging with my Little One tonight


About workingtechmom

busy, happy, loving life Drop by and leave a message.
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4 Responses to 10 for Tuesday – (Mar 01)

  1. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    Any day with 10 positives is indeed a great day! Good for you!

  2. That’s a good list! Glad it’s going well.

  3. huffygirl says:

    Glad you had a good day Techy. Good luck on Postaday.

  4. John Erickson says:

    If you get a chance, see if you can lay your hands on the 3 Stooges episode “A-Plumbing We Will Go”. Once you see how Curly deals with a wayward bathroom shower, you will NEVER fear another home plumbing situation again! 😀

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