Help – This Kid Won’t Eat!

Arrrrrggggggggg….. my son doesn’t eat.  Little One is 14.  This means we have fed him approximately 15,000 meals and every one has been a struggle.  Well, I should say we have made 15,000 meals available to him.  The number of meals that have gone in is debatable.

I worry that when he grows up his most memorable phrase from his mom will be “Take A Bite”.

I know you are all thinking you have seen someone like him before and maybe you have.  There are days that I believe he is the only kid in the world like this.

From birth, the kid would not eat.  I found patterns to his rejection of food and sustenance.  If there was noise, he could not eat.  If there was light, he could not eat.  If there were people in the room, he could not eat.  Heck, if there was food to eat, he could not eat.  Are you getting the picture here?

When he was newborn, I finally determined if I held him tight, wrapped him in a blanket, and covered his head lightly with a receiving blanket or one of my t-shirts, he could drink half a bottle.  Half of a little tiny 2 ounce bottle.  Hey, you start where you can get a win.

It’s not easy to have quiet and calmness and no distractions when he had a sister 2 years older but I went to great lengths.  I would put him in the little seat and prop up the bottle and place him under the dining room table and tell Big One that Little One (her baby as she called him) was at the store with Daddy.  That would work for another ounce of bottle.

I was reminded of this today as Little One walked out of the house and I found his delicious egg sandwich on the table by the front door and the travel mug of hot chocolate on top of the dryer.  So the nice warm, healthy breakfast that I made and thought I got into him was left behind again.

I am astonished at the number of conversations we have had about food.  It’s not even that he wants to eat junk food.  I could put two cookies on the table and he might eat one.

This kid does not eat.  At least I got the glass of orange juice in him this morning by standing beside him and saying “guzzle it now or you go nowhere”.

Oh Little One, good thing you are so loveable.


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12 Responses to Help – This Kid Won’t Eat!

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  2. My daughter is like that. Your son will eat when he is hungry. A friend once told me it was like trying to get a cat stuck high in a tree. “Have you ever seen a cat skeleton in a tree?” He related that to my daughter. I guess she will eat if she is hungry. She is 23 now, still tiny, but she hasn’t died. No skeletons lying around the house. He will be just fine. 🙂

  3. Expressmom says:

    Bright is E X A C T L Y the same. He keeps griping about being the shortest 13 year old on the planet. I tried to use that as an incentive to get him to EAT. No luck.

    Let me know if you discover the cure.

    • Hi expressmom. I hear you. Maybe we should start a club for all the ‘shortest 13/14 year-olds on the planet’. We have limited luck with ideas for short periods of time and then they stop working. I actually still have Little One sit on my knee at times and plop food in his mouth while he tells me stories of his day. Only when no one is around though. One year we had the doctor write a ‘prescription for breakfast food’ so he would take it like medicine.

  4. Zahara says:

    Fascinating. I have a friend who is like your son, she simply does not have an appetite, and never has. She is fashionably thin.
    I think you’re doing the right thing, providing nutritious foods for when he does eat…..and making sure he consumes something before heading out the door…..what does his doctor have to say about it?

    • Fashionably thin is okay, unfashionably short for a boy is not so good. He sees a specialist who can’t understand how he could be so active mentally and physically with the lack of food intake. We just keep trying.

  5. Provided there is no medical issue, I’m a firm believer in letting kids eat when they’re hungry and providing them with nutritious food when they are. I was a good eater as a kid and that still wasn’t enough for my grandmother who thought if you weren’t plump you weren’t healthy. Our bodies, when they function properly, let us know when we’re hungry. You might try not mentioning meals or food for the next week and see what happens. I predict he will not waste away but will go to the fridge when he needs to. Though extremely difficult for me to comprehend, there are actually some people in the world who eat to live and not live to eat. 🙂

    • Hi Margaret. I appreciate the thoughts. You have described my Little One quite well – he eats to live for sure. Don’t worry, no one is making him plump. He has not been on the weight scale for his age yet.

  6. John Erickson says:

    You may have found a certifiably rare creature. The teenager that does not inhale food like a Hoover on crack! 🙂
    Seriously, is he at an OK weight? Does he do sports? He may just have a low metabolis, and needs to raise activity to raise food intake. Also make sure he’s not getting a lot of junk food through school (not the cafeteria, necessarily, but slot machines at the school and in the areas around the school). Make sure he has a suitable level of energy around the house – little food and moping around could be warning signs of depression or something else serious.
    If he’s healthy, see if you can get him hooked on the “meal-replacement” shakes. They’re not the perfect substitute, but they can help. Have the doc check him out to make sure everything’s okay (pituitary, thyroid, or adrenal glands). If everything else checks out clear, call Guiness and tell them you have a teenager that does not consume 20 times his body weight in food on a daily basis, then sit back and enjoy the fame! 😀

    • Hi John. Thanks for all the comments. We have started giving him those shakes because one thing I can do is get drinks in him. Quicker and easier to achieve I guess. He is very active and very happy and we have regular doctor check-ups. I keep telling him that I will smile when his wife is the one to say “take a bite”. 🙂

      • John Erickson says:

        Wait til he gets a girlfriend, one he REALLY likes. Then take her aside, explain the situation CAREFULLY, and tell her to suggest what time they spend together, they do so in a restaurant. He’ll eat! Trust my “Y” chromosomes on this – to impress my wife-to-be, I went out on an open balcony some 40 stories above the street. And I am TERRIFIED of heights! 😀

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