Why Send Mail?

I had a conversation with three teenagers this morning as I drove them to high school.  One is going on a trip to Peru with her school and was talking about her mom giving her instructions to buy postcards on the first day and get them mailed so her relatives would receive them before she came home.

She is a quick one, this young girl.  She said, “okay, if you give me an extra $20 because I am sure postage in Peru is crazy expensive”.

Then she laughed and told me she thought it was ridiculous because she could take pictures and email them and the relatives would have her view of Peru, not from some canned postcard, and it would be quicker.  I asked her if she didn’t think it was nice to receive things in the mail instead of just email.  She thought about it, and then said “yes, I guess if relatives are sending money for your birthday, they can’t really do that by email”.

And that sums up the teenage view of the reason for sending a physical piece of mail.

She’s a good kid and will send the postcards.  And the relatives won’t be able to see her rolling her eyes as she does it.


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13 Responses to Why Send Mail?

  1. Expressmom says:

    I am with the teenager on this one! (Boy, don’t get to say that often!) I am all about immediate gratification & would much prefer the individual perspective & not some image I could easily find online.

    Times they are achangin’!

  2. Zahara says:

    Thanks for the sharing the slice of teenage mind!
    There is something quaint about a postcard, to hold something in your hand that travelled from so far away, it’s a slice of magic. And they make great bookmarks.
    I’m sure Big One will be doing the postcard thing from China???

  3. Aligaeta says:

    Post cards are a very nice sentiment, even if it’s your sentiment and not hers. Emailing a slide show upon her return in this day and age would probably come off more personal. More personal than a hand written post card, who would of ever thought?

  4. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    Hope she enjoys Peru! It is a beautiful country and the people are awesome. 🙂

  5. John Erickson says:

    Speaking as a hopeless romantic and historian, I say push for written notes. We’ve received so much insight from letters written, especially during times of war. (That’s the historian.) And when you’re literally a thousand miles away from the woman you love, there’s nothing like reading and re-reading that handwritten note, smelling her sweet perfume on the paper, knowing her hands held the paper, slipped it into envelope, and literally sealed it with a kiss.
    And now that I’ve completely disgusted our audience with this sappy mass of trealce, I must go get a beer and work on my car while watching football. Or something – my Y chromosome is feeling mighty lonely! 😀

    • I’m with you, John. I used to take great pleasure in my pretty papers and fountain pens and sealing wax. But I’ve mostly given up my letter writing ways since no one ever responds.

      • John Erickson says:

        Well, Margaret, I guess I could offer to be pen pals if you wanted. Although the wife might be getting suspicious – most of the blogs I seem to be finding are run by beautiful women. I’m not sure how she’d take a beautiful lady actually WRITING me! (Actually, I do have an idea of how she’d take it – she has a Japanese Samurai sword, and knows how to use it! YIKES! 😀 )

  6. Debbie says:

    I have to say the kids have a point. With the postal system as slow and unreliable as it’s become, e-mail just makes more sense!

  7. I must be honest I have never sent a postcard…. But now I wish I had!

  8. Blondy Magee says:

    Very cute. I buy and receive gift certificates by email every year. Sorry USPS. So technically you CAN receive money in an email.

  9. My mom always wanted me to send a post card when I was on vacation. I never wanted to do it because it seemed like homework, and I would always get home before the post card arrived anyway. I think postcards take so long in the mail, because all the postal workers read them!

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