Snow, Snow, Go Away

We are tired of the snow.  It has been deep, slushy, wet, and mushy.  It comes, and goes, and then just when we believe Spring can actually slip in, the snow sneaks up on us and covers our roads and driveways again.

Shovelling is not fun and we have to have the snow off the sidewalks within 24 hours or we can get fined.  I’d like to see them try to fine me and then I will take a picture of my road that does not get plowed.  I’ll fine the city back for not allowing us to get out of our road with the temptation to do some donuts on our way.

Oh, maybe that is why we need to clean the sidewalks so quickly.  So people can walk out of the neighbourhood when they can’t drive out.

Oh my, please make the snow go away for good.


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6 Responses to Snow, Snow, Go Away

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  2. Amen sista! I second that remark!!

  3. I’m sick of it also. We were supposed to get 6+ Thursday night. Woke up to nothing. The weather channel has been sooo wrong lately, but I will take a missed snowstorm.

  4. I feel your pain. This has been one of the worst winters. I made it outside this morning for a walk. First time in a long time.

  5. It looks hectic! I am sure you can get very tired of it- very quickly. X

  6. John Erickson says:

    Wow, that Stop sign pic makes me think of some of the blasts we got in Chicago. And fines in 24 hours if your sidewalks aren’t clear? I think I’d have somebody call in an anonymous report and a need for a policeman to respond, then when he shows up, hand him a shovel! Boy, to have the snowblower concession! (We’re not shovelling, we’re bailing. Any more water, and many families will be owning houseboats!)

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