Daylight Savings Call-Out

This is a tribute to my friends who have trouble with the whole Daylight Savings Time concept and changes it causes to their life.  I am thinking of you today.

What’s up with Arizona and Hawaii deciding to opt out of the whole thing?  Do you think we could get cities together to vote and decide to opt out also?  Maybe just do the vote by house…tell people your house is not participating and then run on “normal” time all year.  It could work to your advantage when people say you are late as you could reply – no, I am in a different time zone.

We often travel over the week-end when the time changes.  It is confusing and disturbing to change time for the flight to a country in a different time zone, then determine if you need to change the clock again if the are participating in DST, and then change it again going home.

It makes me tired thinking of it, so I often just take a nap, take off the watch, and decide to worry about it when I get back home.

Here’s to all the people dealing with DST drama this week-end.  I’m thinking of you.

Some facts about DST for you…

Did yo know if William Wilmett had his way, we would have advanced the clocks 20 minutes on Sunday in April for four weeks in a row.  I think we’d have to shut down all schedules for the month and get back at it in May if we had used that plan.


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5 Responses to Daylight Savings Call-Out

  1. Ahhh, this was written just for me….lol

  2. We never need to worry about any of that- but I think I would battle if we did!

  3. Farren says:

    I would LOVE to get everyone in my city together to vote on daylight savings time… I have a strong hunch that we’d get rid of it and I’d be happy with that! Do you think we could rally the people with twitter? Start an online petition??

  4. huffygirl says:

    I happen to love DST in the summer, when we can bike and garden into the evening hours.

    My family had a similiar situation to John – my sister lived in South Bend and we were constantly trying to figure out when to have holiday gatherings, and what time we’d have to leave to get to each other’s houses at the right time. Now Indiana is on DST but many of them HATE it.

  5. John Erickson says:

    My wife is from the area around South Bend, Indiana, which for many years did not observe Daylight Savings time. Just over the border into Michigan was a fair-size town called Niles, which had a number of large stores. The tricky part was, Niles is in the Eastern Time Zone, and my sweet home Chicago is in the Central Time Zone. Logistics between myself, and my wife while she was living with her parents. Sometimes, it was 9am in Chicago, and 10am in Niles and South Bend. Sometimes, it was 9 am in Chicago and South Bend, and 10am in Niles. Trying to organise nights out or mall wanderings was, shall we say, challenging. 🙂
    Fortunately, the whole state of Indiana has gone to observing Daylight Savings – though the Eastern/Central time line still goes through the middle of the state, on an incredibly crooked line. You can actually drive a couple back roads, and constantly hop between Eastern and Central time. I’d love to drive one with a modern GPS nav computer, and see if I could make it go crazy! 😀

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