Ahhh – Cappuccino

After dinner, the kids took off and we asked for two cappuccino.  Who would have guessed the cups would be so beautiful they would ask for their picture to be snapped?  Simple moments of pleasure on a terrific vacation.


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5 Responses to Ahhh – Cappuccino

  1. yellowcat says:

    Beautiful! Now I want one.

  2. Zahara says:

    Thanks for sharing your vacay and your cappuccino with us.

  3. Those are precious! Xx

  4. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    Oh Gord…..you are one of THOSE people……the people I snicker at that are photographing their food and drinks……Gord..Gord…Gord…….. Glad you are having a good time though! Wishing you many more pics of good food and drinks! 🙂

  5. LOVE those cups!!!! Glad you’re having fun.

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