Things I Missed

I love travelling, especially when it is with family for vacation.  I enjoy the differences we encounter in food, and people, and culture.  I take it all in and don’t think of home, but when I get back I realize there are things I missed.  Small details are included in our day and bring pleasure without our thinking too hard about them until they have been missing.  Some specific items I enjoyed today…

nice cold milk


  1. milk – cold, terrific, delicious skim milk
  2. my comfy bed and my favourite pillow
  3. home-brewed coffee and my flavoured cream
  4. kids’ friends dropping by
  5. t.v. shows with people speaking English
  6. home cooked dinner with simple food and no surprises
  7. local hockey game

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10 Responses to Things I Missed

  1. You are so right. You never drink a glass of milk on holiday. Awesome list. Xx

    • Thanks for the visit. Yes, I love milk!! Once in Aruba, I made my husband drive around to many stores because I had been told they had real milk. It was not true, so don’t believe it if you ever go there.

  2. You are so right. You never drink a glass of milk on holiday. Awesome list. Xx

  3. Aligaeta says:

    I always miss my having my stove-top perked coffee, in my pajamas, in front of the computer, however, a cup of Dunkin Donut’s coffee, at sunrise, on the beach is a good trade off.

  4. Ice cold skim milk. You’re easy. 😉

    I’m still buying capicolla and buffalo mozzarella in mourning for my trip to Italy in last October.

    • You meant easy in a “nice kind of friend to have around, not high maintenance” way, right?

      That’s funny. I have to say those are two things that have never been on my craving list, but I have not been to Italy.

  5. huffygirl says:

    Dorothy was right – there’s no place like home.

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