You’ve Been Warned

This is the women’s bathroom in the Chennai airport in India.

I didn’t get a photo of the towel to be used for drying your hands after washing.  It was a small, blue towel about the size I would use for a dish towel.  It was well used and did not look like it had ever been washed.  I dried my hands by waving them and then patting my pant legs.

I was warned.  Now you have been too.


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19 Responses to You’ve Been Warned

  1. Sandi Ormsby says:

    My mom used to go into the women’s room at her break (everyone took them the same time every day) and every time she entered the stall, there were always footprints on the seat. She couldn’t understand it, she looked up to see if a Light bulb was probably changed…no light fixture exisited above that stall. Then, she realized, the footprints faced outward toward the stall door and not toward the wall, should a maintenance person step on seat to repair a wall or something.

    After months of seeing this, one day, she’s busy doing her stuff, and a Binh came walking in, and my mom sees her feet disappear from the floor. ??? I guess they got to talking, and Binh said, she stands on the seat and squats. She had no clue you were supposed to sit and never understood what the toilet seat covers were.

    So, I see your picture and I’m like, oh yeah…makes sense based upon the story my mom shared. 🙂

    So…if you see foot prints on a public restroom seat, you’ll understand…

    • That is very interesting and funny. But then I think, how would people know if they weren’t taught any differently. She must have wondered why they made it so high off the ground! Thanks for sharing this story for another perspective.

  2. huffygirl says:

    At least they gave you a door.

  3. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    Alrighty then! This made my thigh muscles hurt! 🙂

  4. Aligaeta says:

    Talk about roughing it…

  5. John Erickson says:

    Those are common throughout Mid-east and South Asia. Britain had built a battleship in 1914 for Turkey, complete with these bathrooms. They requisitioned the ship for use in the Royal Navy. The crew came dangerously close to mutiny over these non-English loos, and the ship was EXTREMELY unpopular with sailors. The ship was scrapped shortly after WW1, partially due to its’ “facilities”.
    Imagine trying to hit the target with the ship rolling and pitching in a rough sea!

  6. Zahara says:

    Squatting is good for the knees….

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