Are You Popular?

Big One and I were joking in the car tonight about kids wanting to be pop-u-lar.  This reminded us of a story from when she was in second grade.

There was a girl in the class – Maggie – who was kind of a shy, whiny kid.  There was another girl in the class – Paige – who was full of confidence and not so nice.

The class had a project to make boats.  Each kid made a boat that was then tested in a big tub of water.  The teacher added marbles to the boat one at a time until the boat held all the marbles or sank.  Whichever boat held the most marbles and was still floating won.

Maggie’s handmade boat was the best!  It floated, it held the marbles, and never tipped.  Everyone cheered and Maggie smiled.  Then Paige said, as only a sassy 7-year-old can “You may have won, but you will never be popular”.

Egads.  This from a 7-year-old.  I wonder where Maggie and Paige are today.  I just hope Maggie has some great friends to pop Paige in the nose if she sees her.


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8 Responses to Are You Popular?

  1. yellowcat says:

    Wow. Wanna bet Paige’s mom was a cheerleader? Maggie is probably designing things while Paige is “popular” with the men. Life works out as it should.

  2. Aligaeta says:

    Bullying has been around a long time. I hope Maggie faired well.

  3. Who knew “bitch” was a gene? 😉

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