Teenage Girls In The House

Teenage girls have their own language.  There are several of them in my house tonight and all I can hear is this…

  1. Really?
  2. That’s funny
  3. Wait, wait, you won’t believe what happened
  4. omg, you look amazing
  5. oh, can I try your perfume?
  6. and then what?
  7. tell me you didn’t say that
  8. did you see this new eyeliner?
  9. let’s get a snack
  10. why are you wearing my shoes?

And lots of giggling.

No mean girls here.  Just good friends.


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8 Responses to Teenage Girls In The House

  1. Ha, I can relate. We have one of those too… 13! No mean girls yet either… thankfully! Great post!

    • Good to hear. Keep a close eye (or ear) on the chatter and you can snip them off quickly if they even veer toward it! Enjoy the teenage clusters hanging at your house. It is very fun to watch them mature.

  2. I am still scared! Xx

  3. Sandi Ormsby says:

    Sounds fun. I miss those days of just talking about whatever…and I think it’s funny someone put on another person’s shoes. Pretty soon, it will be the Sisterhood of the traveling pants.


    • Hey, maybe you could spend your 40th Birthday doing just that? Happy Birthday to you (one day early)…Happy birthday to you!!!

      The clue that one had on someone else’s shoes was the clunk, clunk over my head. They are all excited about the two pair of (very) high heels I let the Big One get. She wears them just going out to lunch on the week-end with friends with a big smile on her face.

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