Earth Hour and Kindergarten Memories

Looks delicious, @earthhourja! RT @earthhourja Love cake @ earth hour open air party.

Tonight, we had dinner by candlelight to celebrate Earth Hour and laughed about events the kids remember from kindergarten.  My kids are many years past kindergarten, but they have some great memories.

Big One remembered:

  1. her ‘evil teacher’ who made them bring in towels instead of blankets for their daily nap
  2. walking single file to the library for story time
  3. walking up the 4 steps to the classroom that had its own coat room and bathroom
  4. they didn’t have a kindergarten graduation
  5. talking with a friend in gibberish when they were supposed to be napping and pretending they were speaking French
  6. playing hide and seek in the “pen”  – small fenced off area for just the Kindergarten kids (the only thing to hide behind was other kids)

Little One remembered:

  1. his teacher did not let them take naps – he says this is why the class was so LOUD because they never got a rest


  2. the girl who sat beside him and ate paper
  3. the teacher called them all her “sweetie peeties” and was very loving
  4. not being able to open the big bathroom door, and we had to go in before school to practice – the secret was to push it open with his whole body and then stick his foot in so it couldn’t slam shut 🙂
  5. playing beyblades at recess, either on the ground or in the little plastic arena
  6. the ghost story a kid (3 years older) told that was so scary she got banned from taking the bus for a week



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12 Responses to Earth Hour and Kindergarten Memories

  1. yellowcat says:

    What cute memories!

  2. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    Cute! I still remember that we got chocolate milk on Fridays and that we got to watch Sesame Street right before nap time…. 🙂

  3. Beyblades look like something that used to come out of a Captain Crunch box when I was a kid, but that word is not familiar at all.

    My main memory of Kindergarten is being the only kid who could tie a bow and having to help everyone with their shoelaces and smocks. And then I ate a cookie and put my head on the desk for a nap. Fun, fun, fun. I think they do algebra in kindergarten today. 😉

    • Oh, those beyblades were fun to play with even for me. You put the plastic rip cord in, pulled it out and watched the thing spin!

      That’s funny about you having to help everyone tie shoes. I wonder if there are kids from your class that you remember you as this prodigy who learned tying early. 🙂

      Your algebra comment made me laugh!

  4. charlywalker says:

    You had me at Beyblades….

    spread the humor.

    • Thanks for the visit. Who wouldn’t love to rip that cord and watch the beyblades fly?

      I popped over to your blog and laughed so hard at the laundry/underwear post. I’ve subscribed now so keep up the great work!

  5. I don’t remember anything, so they both have awesome memories. Xx
    We went to bed early for earth hour.

  6. John Erickson says:

    Wow! Booted off the bus for telling a scary story? That sounds a bit harsh. Then again, at the grade school from which I graduated, it was far easier to get suspended from school! I wish I remembered more of my grade school where we originally lived, but that’s one of the areas of the memory bank that my medications scrambled. Though I understand from family friends they still remembered me a few years ago. I haven’t had the courage to find out if those were GOOD memories! 😀

    • I’m sure everyone could get a few good / a few bad memories from the early school years! I thought the punishment was harsh also for the ghost story, but it’s okay because she wasn’t scarred from it. She was still good at telling the stories years later.

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